A Caribbean Mystery

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Published March 1st 2000 by Signet (first published November 16th 1964
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A Caribbean Mystery
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gave it

They try, they do, but it 's not their fault if they fail.

A couple of year younger, and I 'd have wanted him to propose to Miss Marple.

gave it

One 's time period can be such a bother, do n't you think?

I actually had a cousi who referred to black Americans as 'coloreds.' Think about the sea of societal change iin this time eriod, from the court case upholding desegregating schools in 1954 ( way to go, independent Justice Branch!) to an actual African-American President of the U.S. in 2008.

I mean, processed snack foods -- gross.Take Agatha Christie 's A Caribbean Mystery, for nstance.

Skip those retro bits and you have a delightful mystery in a beautiful setting, although one ca n't help wish -- just a little bit, says Miss Marple -- for some actual English weather ( not me, though.

I can totally not wish for English weather) .Dear Raymond has sent Miss Marble on an island vacation, to rest her rheumatism and test her skills.

It 's a gentle ind of narrative at first, where Miss Marple looks back on life, human nature, the dilemma of aging, and picks apart the relationships of the man guests at the esort.

gave it

The casting of characters was great, too.You have a whole slew of people on the island who range from ( supposedly) lovely to ( supposedly) despicable and you ca n't wait to see who 's going to end up getting killed off next! Or maybe that 's just me? Nah. This one was another solid story, and even though it wo n't go down as one of my tippy-top Christie favorites, I quite enjoyed it.Joan Hickson was the protagonis of the audiobook version that I listened to and she did a very ood job.

gave it

As is often the case with Christie, the reader must, rather uncomfortably, wade through some casual racism/colonialism/sexism to enjoy the mystery.

gave it

I joined the Goodreads group reading the detectives when I found out that they would be reading one Miss Marple case a month for a ear.

A Caribbean Mystery, Miss Marple 's tenth case, is the upcoming group selection.

Yet, her ind is anything but flighty, and, just as it seems to do in St Mary Mead, murder cases fall into Miss Marple 's lap.

All this takes place while Miss Marple is supposed to be on vacation, yet, as she has confided in at least one person in each case that I have read, murder seems to find her.

While Hercule Poirot is still my favorite of Agatha Christie 's etectives, Miss Marple is starting to grow on me.

gave it

This mystery sees Miss Marple relocated from her usual setting, of villages and vicarages, and deposited on a Caribbean holiday by nephew Raymond.

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