A casa de espiões

O mais novo thriller de Daniel Silva, autor best-seller do The New York Times

Como o mais recente chefe da Mossad, Gabriel Allon dá a si mesmo e aos agentes do " Escritório " uma nova e enorme responsabilidade: encontrar Saladin, o cabeça do Estado Islâmico, responsável pelo maior ataque terrorista nos Estados Unidos desde o 11 de Setembro. A missão se torna cada vez mais urgente conforme os israelenses descobrem que um atentado ainda maior está sendo planejado para Londres. A casa de espiões é o 17 o livro da série de Gabriel Allon, mas a criatividade de Daniel Silva para dar vida a tramas de espionagem continua tão afiada como se estivesse escrevendo sua primeira obra. Será que, em A casa de espiões, Allon finalmente conseguirá dar fim ao seu Moriarty?
" Um thriller irresistível ( …) A frase 'autor best-seller# 1 do The New York Times' é usada em vão diversas vezes, mas no caso de Silva é exatamente o que ele merece ser. " Booklist

" Excepcional ( …) Os leitores ficarão afoitos por mais um volume dessa série incrivelmente fantástica. " Publishers Weekly

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Published May 19th 2017 by HarperCollins Brasil
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House of Spies

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gave it

House of Spies feels real because, alas, it is.Highly, highly recommended.

gave it

But as always with successful genre fiction, the Allon books have ossified into a series of set pieces.

Here 's another question, why does there have to be the elaborate and very expensive stage setting on the Riviera to turn Olivia?

gave it

I am going to state what many others have noted in their reviews and that is this is the sixteenth book in the Gabriel Allon series.

Not this latest book.At the end of The Black Widow Gabriel at last gave in and agreed to become the hief of the Israel Secret Intelligence Service.

In that story a terrorist known only as Saladin had successfully carried out the deadliest attack on American soil since 9/11.

This story opens with Saladin continuing to carry out attacks on the West ...

Gabriel and his team plan to use Martel and Olivia to get to Saladin.

gave it

House of Spies is book four in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva.

In House of Spies, Gabriel Allon is now the chief of the srael Secret Intelligence Service.

gave it

For the record, after cringing at the choice for the lead in Lee Child 's Jack Reacher TV series, I 'm trying my damndest to remain optimistic ( yet relieved to know Tom Cruise is already taken) .But the fact is, despite being the late-in-life father of twins with his lovel and much younger girlfriend, hiara, Gabriel 's getting a bit long in the teeth.

Gabriel has a personal score to settle with the woma, known only as Saladin- and despite advice ( make that warnings) to oversee the chase to find him from a safe room on King Saul Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Gabriel vows that Book of Romans notwithstanding, vengeance will be his alone.Still, Gabriel is n't quite as physically active as usual; and much to my isappointment, Chiara does n't play much of a role here.

Once it is determined he and his JLM empire are linked to Saladin, Gabriel- together with corresponding agencies in France, Great Britain and the United States join forces ( headed up, after heated debate, by the Israelis) to turn the businessman and his lover against the man behind it all.

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