A Case of Bier

In this charming madcap entry in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Bed-and-Breakfast series, innkeeper and amateur sleuth Judith McMonigle Flynn ’ s plan for a relaxing vacation go awry when she realizes her fellow guests have a ifferent ind of getaway planned

Vacations can be murder. No one knows that better than Judith McMonigle Flynn, owner of Seattle ’ s popular Hillside Manor B& amp; . After a busy summer, she desperately needs some R& amp; R. Leave it to her cleve husband, Doug, to surprise her with a trip to the Canadian Rockies. Thrilled to be getting away, Judith ’ s overjoyed when Cousin Renie and Bill agree to join them. Though the husbands have made the arrangements, how bad can a short time away in the eautiful mountains be? Judith and Renie are about to find out!

While the accommodations certainly leave something to be desired, the other guests are the real prize. They ’ ve gathered on the mountainside to give a relative a proper and permanent send-off—a nice gesture, until Judith realizes that paying their respects might be a little premature... without some very sinister assistance. Now, it ’ s up to her and Renie to save a would-be corpse from an early date with the undertaker.
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Published February 12th 2019 by William Morrow
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gave it

Gillia Flynn and her cousin Reenie are on holida in Banff while their husbands fish.

gave it

It 's the fift memoir I 've read in this spinof, and probably the last.

gave it

Perhaps I should have recalled it 's often a very large red flag when it comes to a book release having a lengthy delay.One reviewer here mentions the ossibility of a ghost writer because this book differs so much from previous in the series.

( hide spoiler) ] Perhaps the most unexpected thing about Case of Bier is readers who are fans of the Bed and Breakfast series have come to know the character.

gave it

Lynda and her cousin Renie stay in Banff while their usbands are off fishing.

When it appears that grandpa Codger has been murdered and Judith herself sees the knife in his body, none of the family seem upset.

gave it

But, this is the thirty-first book in the series, so Daheim 's mysteries reach their audience.Judith McMonigle Flynn is ready for a vacation away from her popular B& B.

They have a bier ready to send down the river when the family elder, Codger, dies.

" What 's a vacation for if we ca n't find a corpse? " sums up Judith McMonigle Flynn 's philosophy and the comic ongoing series.

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