A Case to Answer

The day Jerry Hunt meets Charlotte Frost is the day he decides to abandon his rebellious, criminal ways. Despite the fact that erry 's been to prison and has vowed never to return, he continues to run a successful scam with his friend Pete in which Jerry sweet-talks a homeowner at the rea door, while Pete breaks in at the back. But the day Jerry enters Charlotte 's house, he sees something in her smile that makes him determined to stay clean.

In any ways, Charlotte, too, would like to leave her past behind and start over. Widowed after two ears of marriage to Rupert, she is faced with the anger and suspicions of her departed husband 's family. But when Rupert 's troubled granddaughter, Imogen, needs a place to stay, Charlotte agrees to take her in. Jerry soon befriends Imogen, and with her help he persuades Charlotte to let him renovate her garden. As their lives become more and more entangled, lies and deceits from both their pasts begin to surface, and on a night none of them will ever forget, Charlotte disappears.

A ovel of subtle suspense and creeping tension, A Case to Answer is effortlessly crafted crime fiction, in which human weakness and vulnerability lead to secrets, lies and tragedy.
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Published 2002 by Time Warner (first published January 1st 2000
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A Case To Answer
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gave it

I could not get into this nove.

gave it

They are all hiding things from one another& their lies& various misunderstandings of different events makes for interesting reading.

gave it

Narrated by Celia Montague, produced by Clipper Audio, downloaded from audible.com.First, I have to say the quality of this audio book wasn ’ t great.

Celia Montague, is a very good narrator for this book.Charlotte Frost is a daughter whose husband died suddenly.

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