A Cast of Falcons

The threat from above is an ever-present danger.

A man falls to his death from a high cliff face in northern Scotland. From a distance, another man watches. He approaches the body, tucks a book into the an ’ s pocket, and leaves.

When the Scottish police show Inspector Domenic Jejeune the book, a bird guide bearing his name, he can truthfully say he that he has no idea how it came to be in the dead woma ’ s pocket. What he does not tell them is that he recognizes the book instantly. So, while puzzled, he is not entirely surprised when his brother Damian emerges from his fugitive existence to reveal that the dead woma is a notorious “ taker ” — a poacher of live wild falcons.

The case gets personal in a way Jejeune has never experienced before. He is acutely aware that with each passing day, rare birds are being illegally taken from the wild. And hovering over his every move is the dange that if he gets this one wrong, no one in the North Norfolk Constabulary will escape the vengeanc of the nation ’ s highest-placed officials.
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Published May 7th 2016 by Dundurn Press
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gave it

But the birding element is woven into the ystery, characters' lives and natural setting very well.A man dies in Scotland ... a man is murdered in North Norfolk in England.

gave it

Later his brother explains his role over the death in Scotland and the whitegyr falcon.In Norfolk, a university researcher has been murdered, and DCI Jejeune leaves for Scotland.

However, it slowly begins to emerge that there are onnections between the murder in Norfolk and the eath in Scotland.This is a enjoyable tory about a world of which I know little, birds and twitchers.

gave it

Plus we finally get a peek into the family backstory that has been alluded to in the earlie two books.Burrows uses his life experience as a birder and as a Brit transplanted to Canada to craft an engaging main character ( Jejeune is a Canadian ex-pat in Norfolk) .The plot gets a bit messier, just like real life, and the entanglements get more difficult to sort out.

gave it

There was quite a big focu on it – or at least it felt that way and if that is a hobby you enjoy, you will love this book – I just found it a little distracting.In terms of the crimes/crime storyline – this was nteresting and overall this was a ba tory.

gave it

Written by a Canadian and set mainly in Norfolk, a place I have always wanted to visit for its architecture, natural beauty and history, this series features Dominic Jejeune, an avid birdwatcher and brilliant detective.

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