A Casualty of War

Though the Great War is nearing its end, the fighting rages on. While waiting for transport back to her post, Bess Crawford meets Captain Alan Travis from the island of Trinidad. Later, when he ’ s brought into her forward aid station disoriented from a head wound, Bess is alarmed that he believes his distant English cousin, Lieutenant James Travis, shot him. Then the Captain is brought back to the aid station with a more severe wound, once more angrily denouncing the Lieutenant as a murderer. But when it appears that James Travis couldn ’ t have shot him, the aptain ’ s guil is questioned. Still, Bess wonders how such an experienced officer could be so wrong.

On leave in England, Bess finds the Captain strapped to his bed in a hospita for brain injuries. Horrified by his condition, Bess and Sergeant Major Simon Brandon travel to James Travis ’ s home in Suffolk, to learn muc about the baffling relationship between these two ousins.

Her search will lead this smart, capable, and compassionate young woman into unexpected danger, and bring her face to face with the visible and invisible wounds of war that not even the much-longed for peace can heal.
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Published September 26th 2017 by William Morrow (first published September 25th 2017
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A Casualty of War
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gave it

I 'm a big fan of the Bess Crawford series and I have read almost all the books so far.

Bess together with Sergeant-Major Simon Brandon travels to the fiancé, James Travis 's hometown to try to find out more about the brother and why their families are estranged.Without giving too much of the plot away do I want to say that this is one of the weakes boo in the series.

If you have read any my previous review do you know that I 'm a big fan of Sergeant Lassiter and I was thrilled that he showed up for ...

gave it

I also got the sense that Bess should be enjoying her leave with her grandparents and not butting in on behalf of the aptain.

I 'm glad Bess and Simon were together at least.

gave it

I was expecting this to be in the cozy mystery category but I would not put it there.World War I has finally come to an end for Bess Crawford, who has spent the war at the front line, helping heal wounded soldier 's so that they can return to their regiments or be sent home, depending on the severity of their wounds.

Armistice has finally come for " the War to end all wars " .There is one soldier who still needs her help, Captain Alan Travis.

gave it

And that ’ s how it seems for much of A Casualty of War, as every time that Bess Crawford attempts to make things wors for Captain Alan Travis, she seems to end up digging the poor man an even bigger hole.

Or at least that ’ s what supposed to happen.Instead, Bess takes on Captain Travis ’ continuing case.

Bess feels as if she was the one to suggest that his supposed assailant, the one who Travis said resembled his great-uncle, might be his cousin James.

So when it turns out that Henry has been aliv for over a mont, Alan Travis gets classified as a head-case and sent to increasingly worse care.Shell shock was considered a moral failing, not a disease.But Bess remembers the man she met in that canteen before he was wounded.

It ’ s not just that something is wrong with the diagnosis of Captain Alan Travis ’ case, but it turns out that omething is also very wrong with the administration of his cousin Lieutenant James Travis ’ will.

And that those two messes are somehow one and the same.It will be up to Bess, with the elp of her fianc ( and her daughter ’ s right-hand man) Sergeant Major Simon Brandon, to figure out who did what to whom before it ’ s too late.

Not just for Captain Travis, but also for Bess herself.Escape Rating B+: After the Magpie Murders a couple of year ago, I have been itching to sink my teeth into a good historical mystery.

While Bess finds herself in the middle of a case during every book, the series is also the tale of Bess ’ war as a combat nurse.

She doesn ’ t know what to do with herself if she ’ s not taking care of someone else.One of the hings that made this particular case frustrating, at least for this reader, is that it was obvious fairly early on that whatever was going on in the tow of Sinclair and whatever was going on with Captain Travis were connected, and that the issue revolved around his cousin James Travis ’ estate.

He is the one person in Bess ’ life who understands and accepts her as she is, and not as he expects a woman to be in that time and place.So the mystery in A Casualty of War had its anticlimactic moments, and also resembled bits of A Pattern of Lies.

gave it

Their willingness to put you right with the characters has been a hallmark of both the Bess Crawford series and the Ian Rutledge series.It makes me crazy there is n't any inner life expressed by Bess.

At least Ian Rutledge has an inner life even though it is only expressed by his PTSD caused ghost.I like that there seemed to be more detail about Simon Brandon.

But there did seem to be more in this novel and it seems as if the Todds are making him even younger than might have been expressed in earlier books.

Besides, Simon smiles, he shouldn ’ t be grinning in this novel.

gave it

Then comes her leave where she devotes her efforts and time to investigate claims made by one of the me she had nursed, a aptain who said his cousin had tried to kill him during action.

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