A Cat's Chance in Hell

If the Demon Master gets his way
the ity is about to become Hell on Earth.

Gabi has some extraordinary talents. Some might call them supernatural, but for her they ’ re just part of everyday life. What she knows about the supernatural would give most humans nightmares forever. Ridding the streets of bad-ass creatures of the mornin is Gabi ’ s other job. Taking up the mantle of her daughter ’ s legacy, she is a Hunter for the Malus Venatori. If she had a choice it would be her only job, but a girl has to make a living, right?

Being ambushed and kidnapped by the sinfully sexy Master Vampire of the City should have been just another ight on the job, except for the act that Julius has other plans for her. When he reveals that his nemesis wants control of the ity and has plans to fill it with Demons from the Etherworld, creating an army of Ghouls and turning humans into nothing more than cattle to feed his Clan, Gabi must choose her path. She must decide whether to join with Julius in a stand against the Demon Master or flee the City with her acquaintances and family, leaving the Vampires to wage their own war and the whol of the local to their betraya.

But it ’ s not in Gabi ’ s nature to back down from a fight, no matter how mpossible the odds. As the Malus Venatori prepare for war, Gabi finds herself pulled deeper into Julius ’ s world and makes some disturbing discoveries about her unusual supernatural abilities. Her existence might just be the answer to a mystery as old as the Vampire race. Even more subtle than that is her undeniable attraction to Julius and the smell of his blood. But before she can come to ter with her conflicting desires they must all survive the Demon onslaught and find a ay to safeguard the truth of her heritage.

While the supernatural bad guys know her as Angeli Morte, her friends call her Hellcat!

If you like your heroine smart, assy and absolutely kick-ass and your Vampire hero sexy as sin and twice as dangerous you ’ re going to want to read the hellcat series.
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Published January 27th 2012 by Sharon Hannaford
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gave it

That 's not to say the 2 main characters h/Gabrielle or BFF Kyle the wolf were unlikeable.

I 'd recommend this ook, after the initial few chapters it had a steady moving plot, great supporting roles, my favourite being Kyle and Alexander.

The ending in this essa is not exactly a HEA nor is it a traditional cliff hanger.

This is a spinof and as such the major plot line was resolved adequately but the storyline and romance is left open ended.

gave it

In book one of The Hellcat Series, we are thrown into Gabi ’ s world of peri and constant action.

In act, Gabi is refreshingly confident in her own hai, and everyone who she is an individual, so there ’ s no internal battle, no monotonous internal dialogue.Working alongside her best friend Nate, who is also a bit of an anomaly himself, the two create a pretty kick-ass team, and have a reputation for being bruta and successful in their missio.

The boo ends a little frustratingly, as it feels as though it just stops; however, what Sharon Hannaford does is leave the story open for her next installmen, which I believe she is currently working on.I will be most definitely reading book 2 and will happily give A Cat ’ s Chance in Hell an impressive 4 stars.

gave it

W get a little bit more weird then that when the vampire master does n't actually want to hurt her, no he wants to use her for something else.

I was actually a little tire of reading it due to the blurb, but it turned out to be really very good.

gave it

You can keep the vamps: DThe real weak point: info-dumping.

They still lack the sparkle that makes them unforgettable ( or at least real).

The goo guy was particularly bland, too.My very humble and uncalled for opinion is the author has potential and need only a good professional editor that could point her towards her strength and help with the weakness.

gave it

Despite demon attacks, uneasy alliances and a potential romance on the cards I 'm spending a great deal of time being very bored with this ook.

gave it

To read more reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books! 85 points/100 ( 4 ½ stars/5) Gabrielle Bradford is a hunter, part of an rganization that hunts bad little demons, ampires, werewolves and other supernaturals, but she is also dhampir.

This new master, however, is n't looking to take over the ity from just Julius but to fill it with demons and ghouls.

I am so anxiously looking forward to finishing writing this review so I can go and read the first one ( I do n't like finishing the second books in the series and starting the next without getting the review done for the irst) .Here 's the thing though.This was not written well by any means.Just..hear me out.I have read a lot of ooks I would consider bad recently.

Yet somehow, even though everything about it was goo, it somehow was entertaining.In the beginning of the essay, the writing itself is actually really not up to par.

All of this between one sentence and the next.That is just the first 10% of the ook- honestly and truly I thought I was going to have to quit this book before it ever even started.Despite it being perhaps one of the worst starts I 've seen in quite some times, I was amused by it.

She is a dhampir, and there is no one else like her.The love interest, Julius, is hilarious at first, then he grows on me.

When this " super sexy " vampire who wants to talk to her kidnaps her I was like " oh, looks like we 've found our love interest ".

He literally stands over her while she is passed out after he kidnapped her though, going " oh she looks so young " followed almost immediately by an " oh but I want her ".

Yet at the nd, he is kind, compassionate, and supportive while being who Gabi needs.The worldbuild is one of the places this book really falls flat and it does n't have an amusing counterpart to it.

Yet, by the beginnin of the books, Hannaford managed to actually pull it all together.

The end truly is n't as ad as the eginning.

gave it

I liked the lot and the world-building and the storylines were OK ( though Gabi is n't as clever as some UF heroines), but I had issu with the poe 's writing style.There is a substantial quantity of info-dumping early on.

Now, if an author has a big info-dump and moves on, and the tal is good elsewhere, I can live with that just fine.

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