A Cavern of Black Ice

A Cavern of Black Ice is the tent ook in J.V. Jones 's Sword of Shadow series

As a newborn Ash March was abandoned -- left for dead at the oot of a frozen mountain. Found and raised by the Penthero Iss, the mighty Surlord of Spire Vanis, she has always known she is different. Terrible dreams plague her and sometimes in the arkness she hears dread voices from another world. Iss watches her as she grows to womanhood, eager to discover what powers his ward might possess. As his interest quickens, he sends his living blade, Marafice Eye, to guard her night and day.

Raif Sevrance, a young woma of Clan Blackhail, also knows he is different, with uncanny abilities that distance him from the clan. But when he and his brother survive an ambush that plunges the entire Northern Territories into war, he yet seeks justice for his own... even if means he must forsake clan and kin.

Ash and Raif must learn to master their powers and accept their joint fate if they are to defeat an ancient prophecy and prevent the release of the pure evil known as the End Lords.
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Published March 1st 2005 by Tor Fantasy (first published 1999
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A Cavern of Black Ice (Sword of Shadows, #1)
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gave it

Her attention to detail of story-telling leaves few ambiguities and the reader with few frustrations, without creating a kin of predictability.The beauty of this nove lies in the protagonists, which Jones takes chapter upon chapter to build with incredible patience and purity to each persona, whilst somehow, subtly and seamlessly keeping movement through the plot and smaller story arcs.

gave it

It 's a fantasy novel featuring a young clansman, Raif, and an girl named Ash who was adopted as a baby by a formidabl and sinister man.

The pair both have magical powers brewing within them that can really only lead to trouble.The book takes a long time to get going, and we get fully aquainted with both Raif and Ash separately before they meet later in the book.

gave it

I 'll be adding the sequel ( A Fortress of Grey Ice) to my " to-read-soon " list.The book is deceptively dense, and it took me a lot longer to finish than I initially anticipated.

I 'm actually at a bit of a loss for words to describe my feelings about this ook.

gave it

Thought it was time I read a series that ’ s been staring at me for over a decade.JV Jones ’ s series ( now up to Book Ten, Watcher of the Dying, with Book Five currently being written) is initially set in a sub-Arctic-type world, with a cultura and a subsistence lifestyle which made me think a la Inuit.

Raif Sevrance is a young clansman with a secret magic power ( the willingness to guide, with his ind, arrows to the heart of a living thing) whose father and clan group are mysteriously murdered whilst they are on a hunting trip.

There ’ s also a bad guy being evil, a timi young hero with a destiny, a charming young heroine under threat with her own estiny to reach, a romantic interest, and a quest for a token of power.

Whilst there was still too much Clan of the Cave Bears at first for me, once our hero and heroine meet in the ity of Spire Vanis, it ’ s a fast paced and intense read.

We have a ong history of different clans and quite different races, details of previous rulers and famous people which deepen our knowledge and understanding of Raif and Ash ’ s world.

The massacre of women and children by the Blackhail clan is wincingly heart-rending and there ’ s some quite visceral torture scenes.

gave it

The descriptions were so ivid I found myself wanting to pull out a thick, warm blanket, despite the summer heat here, and snuggle next to a roo.

I couldn ’ t have been more attuned to the frozen world unless I was dropped in the middle of a snowstorm while reading it.So this was n't a perfect read, despite the wonderfully imagined world, large cast of haracters and numerous interwoven conflicts.

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