A Certain Exposure

Selected by The Business Times as one of the Best Book of 2014

Humorou and sympathetic, political and personal, A Certain Exposure traces the adolescences of twin brothers Andrew and Brian, culminating in the explosive events leading to Andrew 's tragic death. A classic coming-of-age tale doubled across two vividly individual brothers, who struggle to navigate a complex tangle of elationships and coercive forces, cinematically interwoven with the yearnings and fears of an ensemble of mothers, fathers, cousins, friends and lovers both false and true. This wide-ranging debut beautifully presents the resonances and the demons of lost possibilities, as well as a gripping tory of grac and despai.

" I very much enjoyed A Certain Exposure. An immense achievement, with absolutely beautiful passages of description. "
— Sarah Howe, T.S. Eliot Prize-winning author of oop of Jade

" A Certain Exposure is a carefre, powerful ale about the danger of unthinking conformity… [ It is rare ] in Singapore that we are made to face recognisable portraits of our ociety and acknowledge the distortions. ”
—Akshita Nanda,

“ One of the best debuts of 2014, this sometimes strident but largely effective novel begins with the suicide of a government scholar and proceeds to dissect elitism, racism, sexism and other taboo topics in Singapore. ”
—Helmi Yusof,

“ One of the best novellas I ’ ve read recently…a haunting story about elitism and prejudice in a society which recites daily pledges to maintain equality for all. ”
—Balli Kaur Jaswal, author of Inheritance

A Certain Exposure is an intimately layered story about twin brothers forging different paths through the intricacies and prejudices of Singapore society, but will strike a chord wherever the struggle between personal values and social pressures is experienced. ”
—Ovidia Yu, author of Aunty Lee ’ s Delights

“ [ A ] n exciting debut novel that delves beneath the surface of Singapore society, questioning the dominant value systems and asking if there ’ s a better pat for us to live. ”
—Jeremy Tiang, writer and translator of, in “ My Book of the ear ”,

About the Author:
Jolene Tan is a journalist and activist who lives in Taiwa. She has also lived in the UK, the US and Germany. A Certain Exposure is her third boo.
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Published April 2014 by Epigram Books
Isbn 13
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gave it

Maybe it 's because I 'm bore of people exposing the hypocrisy of Singapore.

Since it has n't, I hope young people read this book& stop placing too much impt in joining Raffles ( yes, I said it, the essay is too scared to even use that word), becoming a Govt scholar, at the very least.

I said, so what?

gave it

I love how the story builds up, throwing us back into memories, and then forward again to the present and especially how the book builds to the explanation of death and quickly bring the entire thing to the close and leaving the reader in suspends and reflection on how our actions can destroy another person so much that they would resort to end their life.

gave it

Michael is ushered along an average life with average grades, a safe group of riends, the occasional Chinese girlfriend; Andrew is brilliant, except for the reason that he 's ay and he killed himself ( no spoilers).

I love that A Certain Exposure approached the topic of living as a quee person in Singapore through many different scenarios- the middle-aged aunt with her Muslim girlfriend, who grew up in a time and surrounded by people who still think violence towards gay people is acceptable; the young scholar navigating a highly competitive school environment; a young oy being sexually assaulted by his roommate.

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