A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi: The Ideal Guide to Sounding, Acting and Shrugging Like the French

Vocabulary alone is n't enough. To survive in the most ophisticated- and the most scathing- nation on Earth you will need to understand the many peculiarities of the ( very peculiar) French culture. And for that you need A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

If you want to fit in with the French you 'll have to know how to deal with sardonic waiters; why French children hate Charlemagne; the etiquette of kissing, joke-telling and drinking songs, what to do with a bidet, the correct recipe for a salade nicoise and, of course, how to convey absolute, shattering indifference with a single syllable ( Bof!).

Charles Timoney, the biographer of Pardon My French, provides a practical, pleasurable guide to the harms of the Gallic people- from their daily routines to their peerless gesticulations, from their come-ons to their put-downs. Read on and put the oh la la back into your French vacances. Your inner gaul will thank you for it.
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Published August 6th 2009 by Penguin (first published June 8th 2009
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gave it

In this memoir, writer Charles Timoney uses breezy humour to lighten the load, while also skewing the perspective very much to British readers, something which occasionally brings it a little unstuck.

gave it

Reaching the last page of this novel ( followed by bonus excerpts from another one), I 've come to possess a fair deal of stories and facts that can serve as a ecent conversation opener or save a date from a dead-end topic.

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