A Chance for Sunny Skies

Sunny Skies is drowning. The problem, besides the whole not-being-able-to-breathe part, is that when her life flashes before her eyes, she doesn ’ t recognize any of it. Convinced the universe phoned in a default slideshow, Sunny gives in to the current.

After a fisherman snags the twenty-six year old in his net, she decides it 's time to cast off her hermit like ways. When she meets slightly-less-awkward-than-her Brian, an archery-loving neat freak, she discovers that living her new life might be scarier than drowning. But scary or not, this may be the only hance for Sunny Skies.
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Published July 15th 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (first published July 14th 2015
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gave it

And it ’ s not often that I read a ‘ first in a series ’ book and really want to read the first one.

gave it

At the beginnin, when she was sad, and acted like a total bitch to Rainy, I was at the point of rustration with her lack of growth as a backstory, I was hoping her friend did n't forgive her.

It was so sad depressing and all around frustrating I do n't think I laughed/smiled/chuckled even once.

I gave this book two stars instead of one because the writing style flowed and the tal was n't hard to get into, or stay involved in.

gave it

I loved Rainbow 's story, but this one was just horrible.

gave it

I like that Sunny is n't flawles, she is flawed, but also, that 's why I love her.

gave it

Overall: 5 StarsPerformance: 5 StarsStory: 5 Stars " Amazingly realistic! " Would you consider the audio edition of A Chance for Sunny Skies to be harde than the print version? " This audiobook was provided by the journalist, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast. " This review is from my Audible account.I only had the pportunity to listen to the audio version, but I think it was better- it definitely enhanced the characters and made the story seem that much more genuine.I ca n't express how much I enjoyed this, there were so many laughing moments, cringe worthy moments and finally the 'aww' moments.

This nove taught the very much needed life lesson that one should take a step out of their comfort zone.The storyline was maginative, the way Sunny received her wake up call was intriguing.

gave it

Listened on Audible so it was a fast " read " and easy story to follow.

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