A Change in Altitude

Martha and Patrick have been married just a few onths when they set off on what they hope will be a great adventure-a year living in Ghan. Margaret quickly realizes there is a great deal she does n't know about the complex mores of her new home, and about her own usband.
A British couple invites the newlyweds to join on a climbing expedition to Mount Kenya, and they eagerly agree. But during their harrowing ascent, a tragic accident occurs. In the mids of the tragi, Margaret struggles to understand what happened on the mountain and how these events have transformed her and her spous, perhaps forever.
A hange in Altitude illuminates the inner landscape of a couple, the irrevocable impact of tragedy, and the elusive nature of forgiveness. With stunning language and striking emotional intensity, Anita Shreve transports us to the exotic panoramas of Africa and into the core of our most intimate relationships.
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Published September 24th 2009 by Little Brown and Company (first published November 5th 1998
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A Change in Altitude
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gave it

I keep saying I 'm going to give up on Anita Shreve, but I keep getting suckered back in.

Granted it was supposed to be the mid 70s and women having a " no one is going to push me around " attitude was n't as common.

Her limp leading women could be easily resuscitated if she would just allow them to find some form of a " happily ever after " even if it was n't story-book-neat and pretty.

gave it

The memoi covers the year following the actions on the mountain, and traces the efforts Margaret makes to rediscover her life and her love.The book was well-written, and the arom of expat life in Africa came through beautifully, but I just found it difficul to connect to the protagonist.

gave it

I had a ard time following where the story was going and I 'm still not sure if the sens of confusion was an intended response to the writing or a sign of disjointed storytelling.

gave it

Shreve has written of a talente, newlywed couple, argaret and Patrick, who have embarked on their new life in Africa where he, as a surgeon, studied tropical medicine.

gave it

Newly married Patrick and Margaret decide to make a trip to Kenya.

The couples quickly become friends and Arthur and Diana offer Patrick and Margaret a nice cottage to use on their property.

In short time it is discovered that Arthur and Diana are planning a trip up Mt Kenya and invite the other couple along.

the actual climbing of Mt. Kenya and the moments before and after the big plot drop.

he was something of " ehhh " .With all that said, in the beginnin it felt like the story line just stopped.

listen ( audio) .I will certainly venture my way back to Anita Shreve as she touches on some powerful subjects ands gives me the sense of a stronger personalitied Jodi Piccoult.

In recap this book was an " ehhh ", " meh, " errrrr " read.

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