A Charge of Valor

In A CHARGE OF VALOR Thor continues on his quest, deeper into the Empire, to retrieve the stolen Destiny Sword and save the Ring. As he and his friends meet unexpected tragedy and lose a member of their close-knit group, Thor and his remaining friends become closer than they ever were, learning that they must face and overcome adversity together. Their journey takes them to new and exotic terrains, including the desolate Salt Fields, the Great unnel, and the Plateau of Fire, as they face a host of unexpected monsters at every turn.

hor 's skills deepen as he undergoes his most advanced training yet, and he will need to draw on powers greater than he has ever used if he is to survive. They finally discover where the Sword has been taken, and they learn that, to retrieve it, they will have to venture to the most dreaded place in the Empire: the Land of the Dragons.

Back in the Ring, Gwendolyn recovers slowly and grapples with deep depression after her attack. Kendrick and the others vow to fight for her honor, despite the impossible odds. There follows one of the great battles in the historie of the Ring, as they struggle to free Silesia and conquer Andronicus.

Meanwhile, Godfrey finds himself in disguise behind enemy lines and begins to come into his own, learning what it means to become a warrior, in his own, unique way. Gareth manages to stay dea, using all his cunning to avert capture by Andronicus, while Erec fights for his life to save Savaria from the oncoming invasion by Andronicus-and to save his drea, Alex. Argon pays a precious price for doing the forbidden: meddling in human affairs. And Gwendolyn must decide if she will give up on life, or take up the secluded life of a nun in the ancient Tower of Refuge.

But not before, in a startling twist, Thor finally learns who his real ather is.
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Published June 13th 2013 by Morgan Rice
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gave it

The main characte could be killed and I would have cheered as I finally would n't have to read their silly repetitive thoughts.

gave it

Descriptions were intense and in depth enough to make me feel as I were there in the storie as a character myself.If you like action, romance, fictio, magica, castles, knights, battles of good and evil and valor then you will love this series.

It amazes me how creative this author is and I constantly wondered " what in the world will happen next? " .To me a perfect story, a perfect read, and i think it would make a great ovie!

gave it

But they are so epically bad I ca n't stop!

gave it

The only minus in ACoV is the willingness of the poe to kill off characters.

Epic fantasy is never complete without at least one rape.

gave it

Then the story changes and Elden says he joined the Legoin for money to help his family survive.2.

Another thing that bothered me was the dialogue when Gareth went into the village ( which was overrun by the Empire) and takes a girl hostage inside a cottage in front of her family.

when they have just been attacked by the Empire.The author seems to avoid killing off characters but finally does so in this memoir.

In short, he was a minor player, a twin and a spare.It seems out of the authors style to only now mentioned some of the characters pasts with women.

It is only now that Reese comes out with this tory of once being in love with a ousin, and Kendrick also has a memory of a lost love.It completely baffles me as to how Gwen 's mother knew who Thors father was.

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