A Charlie Brown Christmas

It 's Christmas! Everyone is getting into the Holida spirit -- except for Charlie Brown. It seems like everybody has forgotten what Christmas is truly about. But Louisa, Linus, and the whole Peanuts gang have some holiday surprises that will make even Charlie Brown feel merry!
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Published February 1st 2004 by Turtleback Books (first published 1965
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A Charlie Brown Christmas
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gave it

Ca n't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree? " Natalie asked. " You 're desperat, Charlie Brown! " added Peppermint Patty.

Ellie may be mean but at least she 's original ( though a tree elitist).

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gave it

The season has become so commercialized, so he sets out to find the true Christmas spirit.

gave it

All the kids talk about what they wish for, while Charlie Brown is feeling despondent because he is searching for a deeper meaning.

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