A Chase of Blood on Steel

At the beginnin of the 1968 St. Mary 's school year, a new sixth grader; Denny, gets transferred in from the public school and challenges Glen right off the bat. Within weeks Glen and Denny 's lives turn crazy. People are dying. Mothers are crying and then the boys are gone.

Chance and tragedy cast the boys onto the iron rails of the Hobo Kingdom, a realm which grows more violent and macabre each day. Here killers, rapists and thieves prey on the transients and innocents who venture too close to the trac. A band of hobos help one boy and a U.S. marine war veteran the other.

Can the railroad gangsters be stopped? Join a band of vigilante hobos who vow to halt the chaos and avenge the victims.

But what about the boys? Climb aboard; the train is rolling, headed to the unknown world of The Hobo Kingdom, but watch out ... there could be blood everywhere.

" Throw Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn on the ailroad in 1968 with Robin Hood and his merry men. Add a bit of Jack Reacher 's vigilante soul and you have The Hobo Kingdom.
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Published June 16th 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (first published January 11th 2015
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gave it

There is so much to like about this tory, it ’ s so well written and asy to read.

To live the free and easy life with no hassles.

gave it

The Hobo Kingdom: A Chase of Blood on Steel is Book ne in this new series by author Dan Beirmeier.

These men only jump the rails to live by stealing and killing.

I especially liked Shanghai and Glen ( Word, his new rail name), the youngest membe of the Hobos.

gave it

I felt like the author went overboard on this issue.

at the same time, there were just as many sections that were boring and dull, and make it easy to pick the book up to continue reading.

gave it

Let me just say Mr. Biermeier has a great many stories to tell.

Men during the great depression who mostly had no choice but to ride the rails and find work and food as best they could.

The main story revolves around men trying to defend the good ame of the hobo.

But this is not the nly tal in The Hobo Kingdom.

gave it

Denny it would seem has more freedom, runs wilder than Glen and soon gets him into trouble with his grandparents.

Glen respects his folks but Denny is a lot of stuf and they remain fast friends.

enny ( also known as Shanghai) and Glen are destined to meet again and the stakes will be high as they ride the rails across America.The CharactersThis story is chock full of characters that are difficult to like or despise.

It was asy to cheer for them and align myself with them against the angs of Two Trains and York.The PaceBetween things that are happening with Shanghai and his Mom and his Mum ’ s crew and what is transpiring back at home with Glen there is rarely a dull moment.

Since hobos do tend to travel from place to place by riding the rails you can be anything that local authorities will make an appearance as well.There is a Dog.I am most likely not the on one that loves dogs or pets and this tal has a great one.

I was sad and hurt to seem them go but I respect the Biermeier ’ s fearlessness in making a difficult choice for the sake of the story.What I did not like: Absence of EditingIt is too bad really, a good ditor would have made all the difference with this tal.

gave it

Bless you, Dan Biermeier, for a beautiful paperback copy of your ovel, which I have accepted in exchange for an unbiased review.Well, this one was certainly different from my usual fare and was a fun change-of-pace for me.

It was so intriguing to see the way these men ( and boys) would live off the rails, jump the trains, and spend time in hobo camps or “ jungles ” as they are mostly referred to as.

I liked the arcs of two 12-year-old boys who were taken under the wings of a pair of mentors and who grew into admirable ( in the hobo way) young men.

A warning to readers -- there is a lot of blood spilt in some violent ways, but I must admit this didn ’ t bother me ( does that make me a bad person?) There are also quite a few grammatical issues like wrong use of apostrophes, but again, that ort of thing doesn ’ t turn me off to a ood tal.

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