A Chest's Tale (The Mystery Crackers Book 1)

The Mystery Crackers: A Chest 's Tale

It 's harde to resist the temptation of possessing an antique golden chest, even if one does n't own it. It 's even harder to stop trying to open it, when it stays stiff shut. What if it contains precious gems, jewels, important documents or may be vital nation 's security? However, when this chest goes missing, closely followed by their Dad 's disappearance, the fraternal twins- Prash and Nish involuntarily don the teen detectives' avatar. A withered puzzle engraved on an old stone pavement showers light on their mysterious journey to seek their Dad 's whereabouts and locate the precious chest. Will the young boys taste success at their first go? Only, The Mystery Crackers: A Chest 's Tale has the stirring answer.

Jinal Shailesh Doshi

A Freelance riter and an English and Creative Writing Teacher, she is a Gold Leaf Diplomat from the Writers Bureau Institute, has earned an MA in English Poetry and had several published articles to her credit. The Mystery Crackers: A Chest 's Tale is her first self-published novel and she aspires to create a series on it.

hapter One

A Chest ’ s Fairytal

Jinal Shailesh Doshi

A Striking Puzzle

“ Let ’ s race! ” challenged a fourteen-year-old, brown-haired teenager, in spite of the slippery road. He sped off in his red-and-black Hero Bicycle, zigzagging amongst the green lanes of Jhiljila Town, which gleamed bright green in the drizzle.

“ Oh! You wait Nish, I ’ ll et you this time! ” bellowed a dark-haired Prash after his, a-minute younger brother and raced by the tall trees of the well-cared hill-station.

Nish jeered from far, while Hri piped in, “ Even I ’ ll race you guys. ”

Lon and imid, Hri was the brother of the rich merchant – Mr Yogesh Parikh, famous at Jhiljila for his collection of antiques. The two brothers – Prash and Nish, were fraternal twins, immensely unlike each other. However, these Jhiljila High School students were fast friends like their mothe.

They loved to ride about the peaceful Jhiljila, even in the ains and watch the sun disappear.

Prash and Hri had almost caught up with Nish. Not to be outwitted, Nish increased his speed abruptly and shouted, “ You guys can ’ t match me … yo-ho … uuoh! ” Crash! His gusto had led him to slip on a murky stone pavement. While trying to sit up, he cursed the foul garbage of mucky leaves, twigs and the other waste that covered him.

Prash and Hri soon joined him. Hri couldn ’ t help chuckling and commented, “ You ’ re a mess Nish. ”

Prash leapt from his black-and-blue Hero Bicycle and gave a hand to Nish, while Hri straightened Nish ’ s bik, still laughing.

“ Are you alright, Bro? ”

“ Fine, just a bit – hey Prash, look at this! ” Nish ’ s fall had cleared a batch of waste around the stone pavement. When he cleared it further, a withered message emerged from the cold stone.

Prash read it aloud,

When the sky is clicking photographs,

Where beauty dances happily,

The Unseen will be clearly seen,

And you will meet the Truth …!

“ What a unny thing to write. ”

“ No Nish, it ’ s not unbelievable. Read carefully. It ’ s a clever puzzle, clues to something … some answer, ” Prash explained.

“ Uh-oh! ”

“ What Hri? Seeing snakes? ” asked Nish irritated.
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Published June 1st 2015 by JINN'S KREATIV TUTORIA
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gave it

The law and order of this own is taken care by Inspector Gulkand.One day, when the kids were wandering they came across a riddle.

Well, answers to all these questions can be found by reading this larg book:) Views and Reviews: The ook is quite mall and revealing more than a specific amount of details will lead to spoilers, so we have to walk on a tight rope here.In terms of writing, the ook remains true to its genre.

Actually, you got to see all the haracters are smart in their respective field ( apart from those who are specifically made otherwise).

gave it

The chest would not open and the mystery progresses from there.The story is very mysterious and makes you intrigued right from the start.

I liked that the writing wasn ’ t monotonous which happens frequently with children/ middle-grade books.The book is a very light-hearted and refreshing read.

It showed that it pays off to be irresponsibl and to do the right thing.I really enjoyed reading this tal.

gave it

I had a great time reading this fast paced book.Mystery in the true sense.

Reminded me of all the Famous Five, Secret even and Nancy Drews mysteries I have read.This is Book 1 in the Mystery Crackers Book series.The story is fast paced.

Loved how the etectives make their calculations, deductions and how they solve the mystery.I am eager to read Book 2 of the series.

gave it

It ’ s a simple book full of myster.

but then it ’ s a decen mystery read.

I loved how twins tried to solve it.Overall, it ’ s a light, quick, simple and easy read.

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