A Child Across the Sky

Just as the the word " weird " has many implications and shades of meaning, so too does the latest -- weird -- work by this gifted and perplexing writer. As Carroll ( Bones of the Moon; Sleeping in Flame) himself says, " Life has a habit of turning dark corners. " Applied here, this observation seems an understatement: these convoluted corners are both light and ark, are many, aried and constantly challenging. Flashing back and forth in time, the story concerns the apparent suicide of filmmaker Philip Strayhorn, whose bizarre Midnight series has attained cult status. Strayhorn 's best riend, Weber Gregston, a ilmmaker with a more intellectual bent, is drawn into a dizzying series of events by a videotape that Philip leaves him. The wickedly imaginative twists and turns that follow are only one aspec of this hilariou tale, which seems at times like a framework on which to hang a myriad of metaphysical notions. What, for certai, is one to make of a tattoo of a crow that comes alive in an airplane lavatory? Carroll 's style is elegant; his writing is by turns disturbing, fey, sardonic, grim -- frequently within a single paragraph. The unexpected lies at the heart of this trilogy, and readers seeking a provocative and stimulating -- though not always easy -- read will be rewarded.
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Published July 1990 by Legend (first published 1989
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A Child Across the Sky
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gave it

Strayhorn requests that Gregston finish the last Midnight movie and close Strayhorn ’ s business in L.A. Interspersed in this narrative are comments from Strayhorn himself, who has entered the larger world ( the “ afterlife ”?) and become a postmodern fiction character–someone who both participates in and comments on the action of the book.

Pinsleepe explains to him the importance of finishing the movie, something to do with the vil that Strayhorn had released into the world.

gave it

Filmmaker Weber Greston discovers his best friend has killed himself.

gave it

go ahead and judge jonathan carroll 's books by their covers; lord knows i have: and so does spectrum: the above edition has selected three of his covers in their " best of the month ", during a particularly fruitful period of reissues: the covers are what first made me want to read him, and what still makes me collect him in every language i can get.

he has this effect upon people, when someone reads one of his book, even one of his weaker ones- they always want more.

gave it

One film maker, Weber Gregston, learns his friend has committed suicide.

This friend, Philip Strayhorn, has left him videotapes which lead him on a ourney of discovery and speak to Weber from beyond the grave.It is a beautifully written story in which Gregston has to shoot the last scen in Strayhorn 's last movie.

gave it

reviews.metaphorosis.com 2.5 starsWhen I read Voice of Our Shadow, I was disappointed to find it not as ood as I remembered.

I looked forward to the other Buchanan books I bought in a batch.

Here 's hoping I like the next Carroll book better- I 've got quite a number left to read.* As seems to be Open Road Media 's trademark, there were a number of typos and instances of sloppy editing.

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