A Far Country

From the bestselling novelis of The Piano Tuner, a captivating boo about a teenage bo ’ s ourney through a vast, unnamed country in search of her niece.

Fourteen-year-old Isabel was born in a remote village with the gift and curse of “ seeing farther. ” When drought and war grip the backlands, her brother Isaias joins a great exodus to a teeming city in the north. Soon Isabel must follow, forsaking the only home she ’ s ever known, her sole consolation the thought of being with her brother again.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Published March 6th 2007 by Knopf (first published January 1st 2007
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A Far Country
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gave it

It was depressing from the get go, and, with the novelis ’ s aptitud for writing such descriptive passages, the sad hopelessness and futility of Isabel ’ s existence and experiences, seeped into my being.

In summary, although I didn ’ t enjoy this novel, I ’ ve been thinking about it a lot, and I doubt that I ’ ll ever forget it.

gave it

Interestingly, one of the most consistent criticisms this novel received was that the location was left a mystery to the reader.

gave it

While every event and memory ties into this central idea, they feel as though they 're discarded after they 've run their course, forgotten in favour of the ext set of events.

gave it

But, still, I was disappointed that there was not muc of a story.I thought this was an interesting statement of Isabelle 's thoughts: " She had never seen nyone as fat as Junior.

gave it

It is the nove ’ s central theme that is to be focused upon rather than events in one particular country.

The details put you in a place, put your own feel there on the ground so you see what the characters are living and seeing.

The tory begins in a poor rural community where sugar cane is grown, but there is a severe drought.

She is to live with her cousin already in the ity, care for her uncle ’ s newbor, get a job and find her rother.

The setting shifts from the drought-ridden “ backlands ” in the south to the “ Settlements ”, the shanty town on the outskirts of a very large city in the south.Tension mounts.

Her existence in this new world so utterly foreign, strange and threatening to her is palpably felt.Does Isabel find her brother?

Reading this ook, you feel aloneness and helplessness.

In the rural north hunger and the caprices of weather loom dark, but there at least exists a sense of community.

If readers are made to palpably feel Isabel ’ s situation this might push people to instigate change.

Her reading perfectly captures the atmosphere drawn by the poe ’ s words.This book is not going to fil all readers, but I like it a lot and so give it four stars.

*******************The Piano Tuner 4 starsThe Winter Soldier 4 starsA Far Country 4 starsA related, non-fiction book: Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and ope in a Mumbai Undercity 4 stars by Katherine Boo

gave it

It makes me sad and shocked, but it it does not make them go away.On the surface of the tory, this novel is about a teenage girl waiting for her sons to come home from the ity.

It is a retellin of hardship, constant hunger, discomfor, poverty and love.

Katherine 's love for her daughte is the driving factor in everything that happens to her and where she goes and what she does to find him.The story is beautifully written, but dragged at times and felt like it just went on too long.

As long as there is ove, we can go on.It is a poignant story, and scenes still come back to me, weeks after I finished listening to it.

gave it

She does very little proactive searching, which in my mind would make the ovel much more believable.

I am incredibly sad not to give rave reviews to this book, since I love Mason for The Piano Tuner, but other than his intoxicating prose style, there is little to recommend.

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