A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth

From the book, award-winning uthor of The Winter Soldier and The Piano Tuner comes a collection of interlacing tales of en and women as they face the mysteries and magic of the world.

On a fated flight, a balloonist makes a discovery that changes her life forever. A telegraph operator finds an unexpected companion in the middle of the Amazon. A doctor is beset by seizures, in which he is possessed by a second, perhaps better, version of himself. And in Regency London, a bare-knuckle fighter prepares to face his most fearsome opponent, while a young mother seeks a miraculous cure for her ailing son.

At times unny and entertaining, always moving, these stories cap a fifteen-year project that has won both a National Magazine Award and Pushcart Prize. From the Nile ’ s depths to the highest reaches of the atmosphere, from volcano-wracked islands to an asylum on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, these are lives of ecstasy and epiphany.
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Expected publication: May 14th 2020 by Mantle
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gave it

Each story in A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth is a masterpiece that vividly conveys a historical person 's grappling with life 's big questions.

His over 800 works of found art are now celebrated.I had read Daniel Mason 's novel The Winter Soldier and the story stayed in my head, a sure sign of a well-written novel.Mason is the novelist of The Piano Tuner and A Far Country.I received a free ebook from the publisher through NetGalley.

gave it

There is the tale of woma who takes part in American civil war re-enactments, the tale of Psammetichus I ( another non-fictional character) and his earch for knowledge.

Especially when the inth and final story unfolds based on another non-fictional character ( whose influence on the books is credited in the acknowledgments) .All the stories are beautifully written.

Sometimes I find that I need to approach short story collections more slowly than that with gaps between the individual stories, but here it all seems to flow well and pull you along.Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended.My thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC via NetGalley.

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