Hur mycket kan man veta om en ål? Eller om en människa?

" Ålevangeliet " är en bok om världens mest gåtfulla fisk. En fisk som gett upphov till ett alldeles eget mysterium inom naturvetenskapen, det som kallas ” ålfrågan ”. En fisk som alla från Aristoteles till Sigmund Freud försökt förstå sig på, utan att lyckas. Och som nu dör ifrån oss, i mångt och mycket fortfarande en gåta.

Men ” Ålevangeliet ” är också en bok om författaren och hans far och hur ålen förde dem samman. En berättelse om ursprung, öde, livet och hur det bör levas. Samt om det som är livets sista och ofrånkomliga utmaning: hur man hanterar döden.
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Published July 30th 2019 by Albert Bonniers förlag (first published July 2019
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gave it

It ’ s an odd coming of age tale.I found this book philosophical and endearing, covering a lot ore than I had expected.

gave it

I think that the only way you 're unlikel to learn ORE about eels is from an actual textbook instead of a popular science text.But this book delivers so much ore than just the basic facts.

gave it

Hell, I did n't even know there were Asian Eels until near the very nd of the ook, after the author had gone on at length about European Eels, and somewhat about American Eels.However, if you are interested in the lives of those who have researched eels ( Sigmund Freud?

Eels seem to be far more capricious, ending up wherever the currents take them ... with the exception that American Eels always return to America and European Eels to Europe.I would most definitely recommend this novel, as I believe it 's science is easily within the reach of the average reader and the uthor 's anecdotes make him easy to relate to by most.

gave it

This book manages to be a mixtur of wonderful nature writing, a scientific history, a emoir about a ather and daughter, and a rumination on origins and endings all at the same time.

gave it

Eels have existed many millions of years,- long before humanity arrived here.

Speaking to existential questions, this memoir will linger in my subconscious and eels (!) will linger in my heart.

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