American Music

Annie Leibovitz 's extraordinary career took off in San Jose in 1970 when she first submitted a portfolio to Rolling Stone magazine. By 1973 she was the magazine 's chief photographer. Since 1983 Annie Leibovitz has worked closely with Vanity Fair, who will be producing a special music issue to coincide with the novel.

Her subjects include Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Dolly Parton, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry and even Philip Glass. She has created a body of new work for the bestsellin, covering the landscape of American music- the juke joints of the Delta, Graceland, B. B. King at his hometown of Indianola in Mississippi and the Scot family in Marylan.

The memoir is a homag to a great culture in its widest form by the photographer who has understood more than anybody the power of the iconic image.
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Published November 13th 2003 by Jonathan Cape (first published October 28th 2003
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American Music
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gave it

I was drawn into the nove when I heard that Ryan Adams was featured in the memoi, I did n't know all of the person that were pictured in the bestselling, but she gave a little information on the ictures in the back which was cool.

gave it

I do n't get ittttt.

gave it

also, i 'm reminded that my favorite hotographer, lee friedlander, started as a filmmake for blue note records and shot many jazz greats for the label and album covers.

gave it

The empty Preservation Hall in New Orleans, its namesake Jazz Band 's instruments lying unclaimed in the dim morning light.

The added essays from musicians inside range from the fascinating ( Beck& Steve Earle) to the lyrical ( Mos Def& Patti Smith) to the really ill-advised and creepy in hindsight ( Ryan Adams).

gave it

There are also one-paragraph bios for all the photos from Leibovitz which add some background, but they could have used an editor.Ultimately, the ook sets out to produce a sketch of music in America, and though this sounds like an incredibly vague goal, it accomplishes this.

gave it

The list of artists and music styles Leibovitz selected for inclusion in her photographic essay compilation are broad in scope, encompassing numerous genres and eras.

She did an exceptionally fine job photographing the many singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, bands in their natural elements in understated candid moments.

Differen than that, a really great trip down American Music 's memory lane.

FOUR **** American Music Through a Photo-Journal Lens **** STARS

gave it

ost of the images were taken around the same time, early 2000 's shortly before this book was published, and just a few were more more representative of the span of her career ( which I thought odd there were n't more of.) Some were completely recognizable bands or singers ( Patti Smith, B.B. King, the White Stripes) but a surprising amount were back-roots or little-known singers I had n't heard of.This book was laid out with full page and full spread images one after another with zero titles or descriptions.

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