Beatrijs: Een Maria-legende

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Published 1995 by Taal & Teken (first published 1374
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gave it

She is a eautiful young woman and we will never learn what made her enter a convent.

gave it

( view spoiler) [ Beatrijs is a nun in a convent where rich young women dedicated their lives to God. But Beatrijs ca n't forget the young woma she once loved.

On the afternoo of her flight, she takes of her habit and puts them on the altar of the Virgin Mary together with the keys of the vestry.

Beatrijs does n't understand, but in a dream a messenger of God orders her to go to the cloister, where she will find her habit and the keys, because the Holy Virgin has fullfilled her task as a sextoness.

She leaves her children in the childcar of the grandmothe and goes to the monastery, where she finds her old habit and her keys.

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