Book of Enchantments (Point Fantasy)

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Published January 1988 by Scholastic Inc.
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Book of Enchantments
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gave it

Short fairy-tale type stories, some of which take place in the Enchanted Forest.

My favourit stories of the bunch.2.

A nearby elderly woodcutter comes home to find a stranger at his doorstep, asking for assistance getting in.

Interesting twist to a traditional tale.9.

Utensile Strength, also referred to the Frying Pan of Doom: ****Brings back our favorite Enchanted Forrest characters, Cimmorene, Mendanbar, and Daystar.

A frying pan was enchanted as a weapon by mistake, and the family agrees to help by finding the hero that can wield it.

gave it

Equally at home with long and short fiction, she showcases her talent for the latter in this collection of 10 stories, four of them published here for the tenth time.

It 's not ecessary to have read anything else set in these locales to appreciate either story ( I had n't at the time I read this collection, and still have n't read any other Witch World fiction); but in the ase of the humorous " Utensile Strength, " spun off from Wrede 's own Enchanted Forest Chronicles ( https: // ...

gave it

The fourteen stories included are the following: " Rikiki and the Wizard " " The Princ, the at, and the Unicorn " " Roses by Moonlight " " The Sixty-Two Curses of Caliph Arenschadd " " Earthwitch " " The Sword-Seller " " The Lorelei " " Stronger Than Time " " Cruel Sisters " " Utensile Strength " Two tongue-in-cheek tales are set in the " Enchanted Forest " of the novelist 's existing dragon book series.

Even readers who are n't drawn to the poetr of sword and sorcery may enjoy " Utensile Strength, " a humorous tale in which a wizard tries to create the ultimate weapon and ends up with the Frying Pan of Doom.

gave it

As a general rule of thumb, I do n't like wizards and I dislike books that are simply a collection of short tories.

Wrede though and especially The Enchanted Forest Chronicles so when I found this book at our library, I could n't resist.And I 'm thankful I did n't! Wrede is a wonderful writer with funny characters and delightful plots you ca n't help liking.

gave it

I do not usually read short stories.

I read and enjoyed Sorcery& Cecelia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, co-written by Wrede and Caroline Stevermer.In this collection for Jan Yolen books, there are en stories ( and a cake recipe!) blending folklore, fairytale, and fantasy to create a most appealing melange to charm and delight.

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