Corsets to Camouflage: Women and War

Uniform is universally seen as both a stamp of authority and of official acceptance. But the sight of a man in military uniform still provokes controversy. Although more women are now taking prominent roles in combat, the status implied by uniform is often regarded as contrary to the general perception of womanhood. In association with the Imperial War Museum, this is the sixth ook to look at the image of uniformed women, both in conflict and in civilian roles throughout the twentieth century. Kate Adie examines the extraordinary range of jobs that uniformed women have performed, from nursing to the armed services. Through contemporary correspondence and many personal stories she brings the enormous and often unsung achievements of women in uniform vividly to life, and looks at how far women have come in a century which, for them, began restricted in corsets and has ended on the battlefield in camouflage.
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Published May 1st 2006 by Coronet Books (GB) (first published September 1st 2003
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Corsets to Camouflage
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gave it

However, their prospects of being awarded a medal, or even a commendation, were barely above zero.Despite having to endure queasiness and reluctance by the overnment and armed forces about their ability to learn technical skills and cope in battlefield situations, women proved to be quite as adept as their male counterparts.

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Drawing on letters and articles in 'The Lady' she brings home the prevailing attitudes of the ay.

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There was a great deal of very interesting information contained in it and it has inspired me to read about dozen of the resident and subjects within the boo.

gave it

I ’ m having a good go at finishing some of my stack of unfinished books.

He can kill you but that is all. ” I bought the book but only read the chapter about the SOE women.Anyway, now that I ’ ve finished Adie ’ s essay, which I enjoyed and which introduced me to many new interesting and ascinating characters ( Lilian Bader!

And then I realized that although the exhibit was titled “ Women and War, ” that ’ s only the subtitle of the accompanying book.

( After all, the subtitle is still “ Women and War, ” not “ Skirts on the Battlefield. ”) But it ’ s wonderfully illustrated and provides a very good introduction and overview to anyone who ’ s embarking on a historical feminist military odyssey.

gave it

And so on the Balkans and Gulf Wars.I did enjoy this memoir.

The tales of women being refused medals, despite being alongside the men in the front lin, makes you feel sad for everything that has gone on before.My only criticism of the novel, well..actually two..

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