Critical Failures IV

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Published November 22nd 2015 by DeadPixel Publications
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gave it

The roblem is I do n't know how engaged to the story I 'll still be when the third book is out.

gave it

Back with the gang of misfit friends that are a perfect group of riends, with Kelly, Tim and Julian ...

I think Butterbean, vampire/elf Katherine 's Animal Companion, is so cute.My 2nd favourite line and wise words to live by:

I do feel sorry for Tim in the beginnin, I hope he makes up with his classmate and all is forgiven because I feel like he needs to be redeemed from these bad choices.

gave it

( hide spoiler) ] I 'm confiden I 'll read volume 5 when the author gets around to writing it, I would n't mind if he wants to cut back a bit on the toilet humor, after a while it 's really not that funny anymore.

gave it

Having binge-read all four Critical Failures novels over a weeken, definitely time for a review.Firstly, the ood: Bevan is a wea writer and story-teller.

In that sense, I do n't regret the ( relatively little) time I spent reading them.

Beyond " story ", Bevan provides very little.

If you 've got as far as Book IV, you 're probably a role-player, in which case the in-jokes and sense of familiarity will probably provide enough extras to keep you interested.

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