Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865, The Diary of Sarah Raymond Herndon

Sarah Raymond was an unmarried woman of twenty-four who in May 1865 -- barely a month after the beginnin of the Civil War -- mounted her beloved pony and headed west alongside the wagon carrying her mother and two younger rothers. They traveled by wagon train over the Great Plains toward the Rocky Mountains, with no certain idea of where they would settle themselves but a strong esire to leave war-torn Missouri behind and start a new life.
Days on the oad is the retelling of this phenomenal journey and of the young oman who made it. Written on the rail and originally published in 1902, it is a homag to all of the emigrants who made their way west and the retelling of a truly extraordinary woman.
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Published April 1st 2003 by TwoDot
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Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865, The Diary of Sarah Raymond Herndon
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gave it

This is one of three books I read for a class " East of Here, " about the westward expansion.

gave it

She was well-educated and kept a diary with a clear account of what happened on the four-month journey.Sarah viewed life through the lense of a strong Christian whose beliefs reflect those of the mid-nineteenth century faithful.

Two weeks into the journey, one of the en in the wagon train is shot and killed accidently by a gun that was believed to be inoperable.

The funeral was held at a local Presbyterian Church and Sarah has this to say about the Presbyterian faith of the mid-nineteenth century: “ What a precious, what a omforting, satisfying faith the Presbyterian faith must be … According to their belief one never dies, nothing ever happens without God ’ s providence, approval and foreknowledge that it will happen in just that way.

When one of the wome was away fetching water from a reek, the other eleven men were killed and the two me were taken hostage.

As the clouds rose higher and higher, they seemed to mass over the top of the ountain, as in benediction, glittering in the sunshine until they seemed to melt away. ” Neelie, one of Jayne ’ s ear friends on the move west, came down with “ mountain fever ”.

Claire and her mother put on their big aprons and began their work to save Nic. They melted a quart of lard and put it in a long-necked bottle.

arah put her hand way down Joe ’ s throat so he would swallow the strips of bacon fat.

Going to teach school and play lady. ” Sarah wrote, “ I laughed at the first impression made, and tried to realize that teaching is not work. ” In Virginia City, Sarah ’ s family moved into a log cabin with two rooms that they rented for eight dollars per month, and that is where her story ends.This book was truly riveting from cover to cover.

The lexicographer ’ s upbeat can-do view of life comes through on every page and serves as a sterling example of what strong women in the mid-nineteenth century could do.

gave it

Some might find it boring, but I was intrigued at how Sarah saw life on the highway.

gave it

The journey took four months from start to finish.For a primary source from 1865, I was surprised at how difficul it was to read this.

gave it

7/4/1865, at Fremont 's Orchard the Lathan 's Ferry was taken.Next stop the La Porte corral in the Black Hills.At Rock Creek, the Indians had killed several travelers.

While I receive free books from publishers& authors, I am under no obligation to write a critica review.

A very well written Civil War era ( journal) book.

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