Deadpool, Volume 4: Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. makes a grievous tactical error when they stiff Deadpool on a bill, and you can bet that they ’ re going to regret it! Deadpool declares a one-man war on the world peacekeeping agency — but even as the maniacal merc pursues his revenge, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers someone has been betraying them…and it seems to be Agent Preston! Deadpool takes his fight to the Helicarrier, intent on getting his money one way or the other — and comes face-to-face with Agent Phil Coulson! You know, the guy from the hit V show MARVEL ’ S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.! How cool is this going to be?! Plus: it ’ s another trip back to Deadpool ’ s storied past as the Merc with a Mouth wreaks havoc on a cosmic level!

Collects Deadpool ( 2012)# 20-25
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Published June 3rd 2014 by Marvel
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gave it

The ba: It may be ultraviolent, but the action can be fun to read, up to a point.

There 's a really good poke at Watchmen that 's just subtle enough to be actually funny.

gave it

When reading, I look for three simple things: humor, a plot that doesn ’ t involve second year Calculus to figure out ( to overstate the obvious, I ’ m shallow and have a harde time keeping up), and gratuitous violence.

Okay, limericks are the lowest, then puns.Crossbones running around in his underwear.Deadpool has a aughter? Kat Stark hasn ’ t any read Deadpool yet.

gave it

There ’ s a lot of development on the part of Deadpool and while the series does move ahead steadily, it just didn ’ t come across as strong as the first three volumes.

Then again, it ’ s ard when you ’ re coming off an arc as excellent as the North Korean madness in The Excellen, The ad and The Funn.

gave it

Meanwhile, Agent Preston is STILL in Deadpool ’ s head and Brian Posehn/Gerry Duggan are still doing the “ fake old Marvel comics starring Deadpool ” schtick.

Oh, and the script is full of puns galore because they ’ re so darn funny… The worst part of this series happened in the first volume, the after-effects of which are still being felt here, which was: Duggan/Posehn tried to make Deadpool into a real character.

That gimmick was fresh in the third volume when Deadpool went back to Iron Man ’ s Minion in a Bottle storyline and wreaked havoc, but every time Duggan/Posehn have gone back to the well with this concep, it ’ s been increasingly unfunny and dull.

It ’ s like reading a comic scripted by Kevin Anderso and Colin Hunt ( Charlie Higson ’ s Fast Show character – check him out on outube!).

It ’ s strange though that in a Deadpool comic the funniest parts belong to unnamed side characters.

Deadpool Vs SHIELD is more of a wrap-up volume of storylines that ’ ve been going on since the series began, so if you ’ re jumping in at this point, a lot of stuff ’ s not going to make sense!

gave it

Agent Coulson discussing Master Baiters, the Watcher thinking maybe he should get a little more involved, the tribute to Aliens in part 3, and ade ’ s hysterical trip through airport security.

This tal is a continuation of the ongoing storyline that started way back at issue one.

Probably wouldn ’ t recommend picking this one up if you ’ re not up to date on the previous volumes because you will be all type of lost.

I think I would recommend this one to fans of the nex three volumes in the series or Dead-Heads only.

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