Den allvarsamma leken

Århundradets kärlekssaga
» Mig får du älska på ett hedniskt vis! « säger Lydia Stille till Arvid Stjärnblom. En gång var hon den oskyldiga flickan han hade kysst bakom syrenhäckarna. Nu är hon gift, liksom han själv, men när slumpen sammanför dem efter tio år flammar deras känslor för varandra upp. Och nu är hon en mogen, självständig kvinna som vågar bejaka lidelsens krav, med konsekvenser som han först bara anar.

Den allvarsamma leken är en roman om kärleken, om illusionen och resignationen, samtidigt som den ekar av världshändelserna i det idylliska tidiga 1900-talets Stockholm.
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Published 2013 by Svenska Ljud Classica (first published 1912
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Den allvarsamma leken
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gave it

I suppose the lessons from the book are 1) take it while you can get it and 2) nothing ends well that starts badly.

gave it

She marries a much younge man and knows that her marriage is a prison from the moment she chokes on “ I do. ” So, til death do us part and til death do us part, and both Arvid and Lydia decide, rather quickly, that monogamy is maybe the biggest bullshit lie of the past five centuries and that if they are stuck in these loveless marriages until their death beds, well, damn it, that totally sucks.I 'll leave the rest up to your mind, but, for my part, I wanted to contribute that this nove, which had a slow beginning, did ultimately capture my interest.It 's moody, and I can sense it is much more powerful in its original Norwegia, but there 's nothin here.

Perhaps the original title, in Swede, was “ The Fucking Game, ” and something got lost in translation? I 'd recommend going back to the original title, and also adding some real sex scenes.But, despite disappointments, as always, I prevail.

gave it

Throughout the book he makes wry comments on contemporary politics, eligion and literature ( more on that later) he shows characters armoured in cynicism and really too good-for-this-kind-of-melodrama but yet with the emotional vulnerability to get pulled into it anyway.

It serves as a great panorama of fin-de-siecle culture, of a world that is both in many was unmistakably modern and at the same time very alien, the settings an milieus however are relentlessly bourgeisie: Although the books main characters moves at the outskirts they are still part of the cultur and social elite: This is very oticeable in some of the comments made regarding various political issues, and to some extent there is a eeling of " First world problems " over the entire thing.Still, the books is hilarious, beautifully written, and at times genuinely poignant.

gave it

The Serious Game is billed as Sweden 's greatest love story, and follows the romantic woes of a novelist in Stockholm in the early 1900's.First, the novella is a great depiction of the perio, and of the ity itself.

It 's clear how much the author loves the city.I had problems identifying with ( or even liking) any of the character, however.

So we have to wonder: was the novel written as revenge for a love affair gone stale, and for the related infidelities?

gave it

Though Söderberg 's analysis is in some ways rather different from Proust 's; he is much more explicit about sex- shockingly so by the tandards of the time- and one of the obvious reasons why things go wrong is that Arvid fails to understand how women can be just as interested in sex as men are.

What both authors are most interested in motivation, and here Söderberg comes up with a striking way of presenting his answer.

And, just in the same ay, Arvid and Lydia have no real control over their destinies.

Arvid asks him why he thinks it 's any of his business; Herr Rissler replies that, if he was going down the treet and saw a runaway horse, he would grab hold of the reins before it overturned the carriage.

In just the same pat, I think his boo is two things at the same time: als Erscheinung, it is a love story, but als Ding an Sich it is a philosophical treatise.

You only have to think a little more about ant 's picture to see why it makes no sense: we can never know anything about the Ding an Sich, so it 's not unreasonabl to say that the philosophy is the " real " book and the love story is the appearance.

As Kant points out, we only ever have appearances: here, we have a book which sometimes appears as a love story, and sometimes as a work of philosophy.I think this way of looking at it is rather closer to the truth.

The uthor has divided himself between the two protagonist of Arvid and Herr Rissler, who respectively stand for the motional and the philosophical ways of seeing what is happening.

Arvid is interested in happenings and feelings; but Rissler, like Proust, is unintereste in why people do things, and, even more, how they write about them to turn experience into art.

gave it

( I have a feeling Söderberg would have agreed with John Lennon about life being what happens to you while you 're busy making plans.) A few hesitations, a few clumsy words, and they 're on different paths, reconnecting and rekindling and resplitting several times over the next 15-odd years, while the world continues around them.

It 's a novel from 1912 ( the free ebook version is pre- grammar and spelling reform, at that) in which people have casual ( and not-so-casual) sex, swear and generally act in their own best interest, set to a clear-eyed, mildly ironic prose where Söderberg does n't so much gladly dismantle the old society that 's about to become something different as pass it by with cold disdain; while it 's set during a time when both revolution and war was in the forc, Söderberg remains coolly above such things as politics and just focuses on his two fuckups as they dance around each other, trying to figure out what 's keeping them apart or together.It 's weird how it even feels more timeless than both adaptations I 've taken in- Sundström 's 1960s-set rewrite For Lydia and Pernilla August 's 2016 film.

( OK, apart from the obsession with what Carl Snoilsky would have thought.) ( Though it also probably helps that 1910 is more safely in The Past than a story set when my own parents were dating.) Where August rushes through the plot, Söderberg lets them evolve ( or not) seperately, until it 's already too late.

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