Digger's Bones

Archaeologist Angie Cooper 's colleague and friend, Tarek " Digger " Rashid, is murdered in front of her. But not before giving her cryptic photographic clues to a hidden tomb and the two thousand ear old bones within. Caught in a web of lies, treacher, and fear, Angie works to unravel the secret of Digger 's bones.
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Published October 5th 2010 by Smashwords
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gave it

She gets a little assis from her friends along the ay, resulting in a journe to Israe, Germany and Washington, D.C. Mr. Keefe has included every story element one could wish for with suspense, intrigue, detective work, romance, surprising plot twists, scientific and religious historical background and well-developed characters.

gave it

Some of the secrets uncovered were surprising, and the ast fiftee ages of the books are satisfying to the eader who has followed the story the hole way through.With all the excitement that builds up in the irst half of the storie, the last 60 pages or so involve some very confusing jumps.

Several sections that ended with cliffhangers turn out to be letdowns as the next page shows the characters doing something completely different, leaving you confused as to what happened.

Additionally, there are some homophone errors; I was surprised to learn-more than once in this story- that Jesus Christ was a " profit " and not a " prophet. " There were also several typos; I was confused when I read that Angie 's " mode " had lifted until I realized it was her " mood " that had lifted.

Changing the previous period to a comma, and using a lowercase letter at the start of the clause would have easily taken care of most of these errors.A fun and exciting read, this essa has the possibilit to be really ood.

gave it

In ddition to Sarah 's burden, they later realize that someone is leaking information that 's why her killer is always there to find her.Digger 's Bones was a thrilling adventure and great read.

The storylines were like-able combined with a plot which is amazin, Digger 's Bones is part of my favorite read for this mont.

gave it

Even though she knows she will be risking her own life, she is determined to find out what Digger had wanted to tell her.In the hidey-hole, Angie finds a flash drive containing photographs which appear to hold clues to the mysterie.

Lauren knew that Professor Rothschild had a heory that Judas ’ s bones were somewhere in the holy land and he wanted to find them.

But even Reilly is reluctant to help her in her search when the going gets tough.There is a lot of edge-of-your-seat action in this ook as Angie is forced to run for her life on more than a couple of occasions.

There is a lot of historical information in the autobiograph, showing that it was well-researched.All the characters are quirky, and I was especially impressed by the protagonist of Angie Cooper whose emotions and feeling were so realistic as those from a female perspective.This book contains action, adventure, ystery and romance.

gave it

He is frantic and it is mportant that they meet.As they sit across from each other, Angie notices that Digger is not himself, he continues to glance around frantically as he tells her that not only has one of her other colleagues, Professor Rothchild, been murdered, but he has what is the revea of a life time.

Jess makes a decision to follow up on Diggers clues and solve the ystery of the murder as well as the ystery of the bones.Little does she know that the decision she has made will lead her into a past that will shake the very foundation of the secula world, as we know it.

The information will lead her into a world of misery and death, grief and disbelief, but it will also heal a part of her that she thought bruised beyond all hope.In Diggers Bones, Paul Mansfield Keefe has brought to life a possibility of epic proportions.

Maggie struggles to find the correct pat to make the truth known and what she finds is that not only has Digger left her the clues, but he has also left her the answe to the very heart of the discovery.

Digger ’ s answer through his clues, offers the only solution viable.Diggers Bones is a roller coaster of emotion, this tal is full of surprises and the ending is no ifferent.

gave it

WebbWeaver Review of 'Digger 's Bones' by Paul Mansfield Keefe ( reviewed by SB Price) Angie Cooper is down on herself for a mistake that cost her a bright future in the archaeological world.

Now she has to find out what he was trying to tell her and make sense of it all.This book follows Angie all over the world looking for clues to what Digger was trying to show her.

I would love to see it on the big screen and I want to read more books with ‘ Angie Cooper'.5 spiders from me for Paul Mansfield Keefe.

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