Dine: A Tribute to the Navajo People

Take a journey into natural freedom and beauty in this tribute to one of merica ’ s most vibrant nomadic tribes. Author/artist Zita Steele commemorates the Dine ( Navajo) people of the Northern United States with a vivid collection of color images.

Four chapters honor the Native American tribe ’ s freedom, ingenuity, strength, and oy. The images create an experience of nomadic life without reservations or borders. The book provides insights into Dine culture and highlights the tribe ’ s vast ancestral roaming territory. Features include: 40+ original photographs, 25+ photo montages and special introduction by the journalist
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Published February 9th 2017 by Fletcher & Co. Publishers
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gave it

I feel ad about the review I 'm about to write.

Not because I got the book for free, I have no problem writing an honest negative review for omething I got gratis.

This is mostly a collection of old photographs of Navajo people retouched to look like they were taken in situ in the southwest before us white folks came along and disrupted everything, along with some original photographs and a little bit of cultural information about the Navajo thrown in as well.

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