Faithgirlz! Bible-NIV-Magnetic Flap

This special binding of the Faithgirlz! Bible, NIV offers a trendy and unique magnetic closure. Every girl wants to know she s totally unique and special. This Bible says that with Faithgirlz! sparkle. Through the many in-text features found only in the Faithgirlz! Bible, NIV girls will grow closer to God as they discover the journey of a lifetime.

Features include:

Book introductions Read about the who, when, where, and what of each ook.

Dream Girl Use your imagination to put yourself in the stories.

Bring It On! Take quizzes to really get to know yourself.

Is There a Little ( Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) in You? See for yourself what you have in common.

ords to Live By Check out these Bible verses that are great for memorizing.

What Happens Next? Create a list of events to tell a Bible story in your own words.

Oh, I Get It! Find answers to Bible questions you 've wondered about.

The complete New International Version ( NIV).

Features written by bestselling author and tween expert Nancy Rue.
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Published August 4th 2015 by Zonderkidz (first published September 28th 2007
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gave it

You will love this Zonderkidz Bible for any young girl in your life.

I have one of these Bibles to give away to one of my book review blog subscribers!

gave it

All these designs help to catch the eyes and inds of young irls, with the goal to challenge them to read and apply the Word of God to their lives.I especially love all the different features listed below, as they prompt a more active role on the part of the boy to grow stronger in the Lord and be a doer of His Word! Here are the features included: Book Introductions–Girls will read the who, when, where, and what of each book of the ible.

As a parent, I would love a Bible like this to challenge my daughter ( s) to grow stronger in the Lord and be a doer of His Word! A great gift just in time for Easter! Special thanks to Diane Morrow of The D& B Media Group for sending me a review copy.

gave it

My sister, 11, really likes the format of this Bible but still insists the colors are too pink and girly.

gave it

Bible " makes a great keepsake to give as a baptism, growing up, or just because and throughout the bible, along with fact tidbits that are appropriat for girls, the colorful pages, with the flowers and for those who love the color ink, is omething that girls would enjoy using for their own bible.I was impressed by the quality of the paper used and the binding is well done so there is little worry about wearing out.Although the version I received was a hardback, it is shared, that, the " NIV Faithgirlz!

Bible " .It is very hip looking, the ords are easy to read, binding durable, filled with encouraging tidbits along with room for personal notes and speaking of notes, the paper is of a grainy quality that wo n't bleed through, though I would n't suggest liquid highlighters with any type of marking in bibles, due to the bleed through factor.NIV, to the best of my understanding, is the only version this comes in, though I could be wrong, and the lettering is n't small so it wo n't hurt growing eyes or require squinting to read.This is a delightful bible to own/give and worth giving to that special someone in your life! ***Special thanks to Rick Roberson of The & B Media Group for sending me a review copy. ***

gave it

Every girl wants to know that she 's totally unique and special, and contributor Nancy Rue helps them do just that in the revised edition of the NIV Faithgirlz Bible.

Girls can now grow closer to God as they discover the journey of a lifetime, in their language, for their world.The new Faithgirlz!

irls will love the cool design, the interactive features and the sadness of knowing that God ’ s ord is there for them whenever they need it.

That ’ s how they ’ ll find a deep, personal relationship with God, rather than just by following rules or saying what they ’ ve been told without really thinking about it.

Bible is the perfect Bible to support girls in their journey into the “ beauty of believing. ” I received the Faithgirlz Bible compliments of B& B Media Group for my honest review and the minute it came in the mail, my teenage daughter immediately snapped this up.

It makes for a great conversation between other and daughter while understanding and learning muc about God 's Word especially in the life of our daughte.

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