Frogs and Kisses

The weather is getting cold, but the frog population in New York is on the rise, thanks to a magical mafia that has a unique method for getting their enemies out of the pat. When wizard Owen Palmer at Magic, Spells, and llusions, Inc., gets a cryptic threat that the secretive organization called the Collegium is gunning for them, Katie Chandler puts their wedding on hold and goes undercover as a compromised magical immune to infiltrate the enemy.

It ’ s not easy pretending to work for a psycho who not only wants to take over MSI but also pull a coup in his own organization. It ’ s even more difficult having to pretend to cut all ties with MSI. But with prominent magical citizens disappearing and anyone who crosses the magical mafioso landing on a lily pad, Katie knows she doesn ’ t have a choice. It becomes personal when her friends become targets. It becomes an urgent crusade when Owen disappears.

When the final showdown comes, Katie ’ s going to have to kiss a lot of frogs to have the allies she needs to save MSI – and if she ever wants to see her fathe again.
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Published December 13th 2016 by NLA Digital
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gave it

I took it upon myself to read the ntire series again ( of course) and just finished with this ast book.

gave it

I 've given every book in the series 4 stars until now.Do n't get me wrong, I still enjoyed reading this entry, but it took too long to really get going and dragged in the middle.

gave it

When MSI attempts to plant an undercover operative in the Collegium, a kin of magical mafia, Katie is the least logical choice due to her fame.

There 's danger, uspense, and less than a few surprises as Katie infiltrates the Collegium.I 'm on my econd reading of the spinof, so I ca n't tell you what it 's like to read this the first time.

gave it

Once again, author Shanna Swendson takes readers on a delightfully magical adventure, through the sweet and cute couple, Katie Chandler and Owen Palmer.Things look good for the happy couple, ready to plan their wedding and have their happily-ever-after.

gave it

The series is urban fantasy with a dash of romance ( not the bodice ripper kind).

It 's a nicer take on the usually dark urban fantasy genre.

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