Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take vengeanc on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her aun. She aims to fulfil her childhood lov and become a famous actress. However, her ister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes.

One ay, after falling into one of her isters ’ schemes, she meets an adorable kid and saves him. This was how Ning Xi found herself staying at the mute little kid ’ s house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao starts falling for her too.
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Published September 2nd 2017 by Qidian International
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gave it

There was a lot of sabatoging and scheming involved, but it was great seeing how the female lead would overcome her enemies.

The supporting characters were great as well.

gave it

There are parts where you could laugh your ass our esp when Lu Jung Li is involved.Though some parts are quite extra ridiculous that it somehow does not fit the plot ( like some character having supernatural powers that no one could even beat her, and a 5 ear old who can do programming), it 's for you to decide to finish it or not.As for me, Lu Ting Xiao is the best.

gave it

Even though its 's novel, it has been written in the keleton of a manga ( and they 've also started developing a comic now with only the very few first chapters).

For the time I was reading the nove, I was living it because of how strong the female lead was.

The whole text played out like a movie in my head with beautiful descriptions and intelligent plot events that made the whol book extremely engaging.

gave it

Mind and highlights: -The story was ba but predictable, and the ending was satisfactory but rushed! -Lu Ting Xiao, that man knew at first sight what he wanted and did not rush nor pressured her.

They deserved their endings.-Little Treasure, the perfect child.

gave it

Cause the chapters are pretty short and very entertaining.When I started out this ovel, it was only translated and uploaded to about 1000+ something and not completely translated yet, but it was too good to put down.

I even got to a point where I finished all the translated chapters and had to wait ( in fact, all chapters were mass released by the translators just this January 1 2019 – and of course, you can guess what I did for New Year ’ s.

LOL) and if you know me, I hate waiting and cliff hangers the most.Of course, I didn ’ t exactly wait months for certain chapters – it was that gripping.

I searched for the raw novels uploaded somewhere in cyber China and created an account ( yes, I got to that point – don ’ t judge me) and even paid for access to read the raws where Google translate did its part.

Although some translations of Google were confusing and I probably got several nosebleeds trying to piece everything together, but I did finish the raws too, months before the translators ever finished uploading the complete novel online.

It has a comic too but the comic is not completed yet.So enough of that, and let me tell you muc about why this ovel is one you should pick up.First, I know a lot of romantics these days ( ever since Fifty Shades blew up anyway) are looking for heroes who are billionaire rich guys – and this ovel has that!

He also avoids girls – he just doesn ’ t like them, until of course he meets our heroine.

Also, there are a ot of colourful characters in this boo who should have their own book too if the author ever got around to it.

Too much potential for a lot of characte to have their own love lines here.

( You just have to meet them when you start this story) One of the backstor that made the book special is Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli: You two haven ’ t even started dating, what gives you the right to look like you want to massacre all her exes?

His parts in the book also makes a lot of precious moments and makes “ family time ” for our protagonists which will make your heart melt.

Little Treasure: ( gives Ning Xi a phone number)

Even the antagonists ’ which will make you hate them more.What I absolutely love about this trilogy is that it ’ s really made for fangirls like me.

So there will be a few spoilers here ( of course not a lot – just enough to make you want to pick up that book – or click that novel anyway) One of their first interactions ( summary below) “ Ning Xi saves Little Bun.Lu Tingxiao: state your request.Ning xi: I don ’ t want anything…Lu Tingxiao: ( looks on looking scary) Ning Xi: How about you give me money? Lu tingxiao: ( feels insulted.

Continues looking scary) Lu tingxiao: Marry Me.Ning Xi: Cough cough cough….

A few minutes later….Ning Xi: Don ’ t you like men? Lu Tingxiao: ( gets up) Let me prove my true sexual orientation Miss NingNing Xi: ( My life is over!) ….Lu tingxiao: So because other people are afraid of me, you are afraid of me?

Then all other women want to marry me, but why don ’ t you? Ning Xi: Do you know what sor of person I am?

She doesn ’ t want nyone to help her and does not like to owe people, which makes Lu Tingxiao help her behind the scenes.

Yes stealthily and behind the scenes, he just doesn ’ t want any attention when he saves her and Ning Xi just finds out about it later on and realizes the lengths Lu Tingxiao goes for her.

I think their charms would show through by those chapters.The real romance between hero and heroine starts a few hundred chapters more, the earlie chapters will just get you warmed up but you will certainly get the feels.

If you like Korean/Chinese dramas, you ’ d really love this novel.

( If you 've picked up this book, feel free to comment below and tell us what you think)

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