Good Dog, Carl

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Published by Green Tiger Pr (first published September 1st 1985
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Good Dog, Carl

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gave it

Okay, DO NOT go thinking that all dogs that look like Carl are safe, because Carl, the ca in this ook, is a Rottweiler, albeit a very well trained one.

And especially not in the healt of some random Rottweiler.

gave it

The whole " Good Dog, Carl " series is absolutely amazin.

gave it

Top Five Dogs In Literature5.

Laska, Anna KareninaTop Five Dogs In General5.

gave it

I read this to Max every night, and he loves it.My old dog, Shenga ( aka, Bubie) looked just like Carl.

gave it

That is not to say that I did not truly enjoy " reading " about Carl and Madeleine 's escapades in Good Dog, Carl.

The story depicted in Good Dog, Carl however, did not create ( and does not create) the same kind of nostalgia in me, as none of our Rottweilers would ever have let us swim in a fish tank, nor would they have known how to give us a bath and dry us with a hairdryer ( and thankfully so) .I would still definitely recommend this charming wordless ( or rather, nearly wordless) picture book to nyone who likes dogs ( both adults and children).

But if you are going to read Good Dog, Carl, you should really also take the time to read and enjoy some of the later Carl the Rottweiler instalments ( as both the tories and the illustrations do much improve as series progresses).

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