Good Time Man

Alex Granger- the same devil-may-care hunk who had lived unchallenged in Jessica Cassidy 's daydreams- was still the same outrageously attractive man. But now he could n't seem to decide if Jessica was still a pesky kid or a woman whom he desired.

Somewhere during the past four years Jessica had changed from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

But if she 'd dreamed of Alex 's kisses when she was ninetee, she had n't dreamed they would destroy her will and rationality ... or that she was n't experienced to deal with his sens of loving- or his kind of leaving.
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Published July 1st 1999 by Silhouette (first published July 28th 1986
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Good Time Man (Silhouette Romance)
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gave it

I am so glad she realized her standards are just too impossibly high and selfish and that she needed to bring them down in order to savour the delights of an extended one night stand with this " good time man. " *eye roll*There is also a B plot of family drama surrounding her adoptive parents and birth mother in which the hero plays quite the Judas role, for which AGAIN, the protagonis is the one to apologize.

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