Graduation: A Time For Change

For Better or For Worse 's Patterson family has grown and grown up for decades on the comics page. Facing real-life issues with a continuously humorous, often unsettlin, sometimes sentimental stance, For Better or For Worse delivers storylines that reflect the life moments and family challenges that most people face. In this collection, Graduation: A Time for Change, life is transforming for each family member and their widening circle of riends. Elly and John face middle age and the ecision to ask Elly 's dad to move in. As Michael graduates from the safe confines of university, Elizabeth begins her college years with a surprising roommate. The pleasure of being the number one kid sometimes escape the often-lonely April. Throw in the engagement of Michael and Deanna and add another dog to liven up the household and you get a lot of laughs and a bit of chaos -- just like real life.
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Published August 31st 2001 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Graduation: A Time For Change A For Better Or For Worse Collection
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gave it

Despite having an extensive collection of For Better or For Worse books, I do n't know if I can really call myself a fan.

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