Growing Like a Weed


" Lynn Johnston not only understands all the little hings that drive us crazy, but she has a certain talent for zeroing in on the slights of childhood, imagined or real, and the sheer magnitude of those feelings at the time. " -- Easy Living Magazine

It 's the small moments in life that end up meaning so much. In the atterson clan, those tiny revelations and bits of joy multiply, laying the foundation for a family that loves and grows stronger every day.

Young April dancing in the fall leaves. Elizabeth abandoning her budding maturity to don a bunny costume. Michael pulling an all-nighter, then finding out he 's turned in his project a week early. The youngsters in Lynn Johnston 's heartfelt For Better or For Worse are growing like weeds -- and becoming more special all the time.

In Growing Like Weeds, readers experience a growth spurt of sorts as Michael becomes a man at college. His roommate Weed, while appearing to be a questionable influence ( " Never take advice from a guy who crushes beer cans with his head, " as Johnston puts it) actually brings out the adult in Michael. A new romance, quality time with Mom and Grandm, and a deepening respect for his sister lizabeth ( whom he once called " Lizardbreath ") become the way stations in Michael 's path to maturity.

But everybod else in the Proctor family is on the move, too. Elizabeth starts to notice boys, while April has become the family 's pint-sized philosopher. Elly 's dismayed when she feels her bones creak and notices a need for new glasses, while John relives his own " glory " days in college. Then they realize that Michael 's friends, Luc and Mike, are old enough to run a business and have a mo. Everyone, it seems, is Growing Like a Weed.

Fans love the Bennet family because they 're a dear and delightful clan who are welcome wherever they go. This latest collection is certain to entertain!

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Published October 1st 1997 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Growing Like a Weed : A For Better or for Worse Collection
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gave it

Reading through the comic strips reminded me of how much I used to love the For Better or Worse series.

gave it

Sometimes it felt very much like I was reading a Sunday comic strip, but ther times I forgot I was reading a comic/graphic novel at all.

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