Harry Potter Series Box Set

Over 4000 pages of Harry Potter and his world, including all 7 books.

All seven eBooks in the multi-award winning, internationally bestselling Harry Potter series, available as one download with stunning cover art by Olly Moss. Enjoy the stor that have captured the magination of millions worldwide.
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Published October 1st 2007 by Arthur A. Levine Books
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gave it

<3huge fantastic world, full detailed, we have a wizarding communitiy, magical school & lessons, ministry & even a popular magical sport!

:) all my HP reviews ( as you know, all Golden): the Philosopher 's Stone: ★★★★★/5: ( 17 times read): the Cutest the Chamber of Secrets: ★★★★★/5: ( 17 times read): the most Mysterious the Prisoner of Azkaban: ★★★★★/5: ( 15 times read): the Past the Goblet of Fire: ★★★★★/5: ( 15 times read): the Twist the Order of the Phoenix: ★★★★★/5: ( 12 times read): the Darkest the Half-Blood Prince: ★★★★/5: ( 10 times read): the most Hilarious the Deathly Hallows: ★★★★★/5: ( 9 times read): the most motional

<3I experienced the First book-related feelings with this series; first bookish crush (Harry), first World I wanted to go there & be part of it, first fantasy, first novel, first favourite Hero, first cliff-hanger (HP 4), first book hangover (HP 4, 5, maybe a bit in 2), first shock & cry over a dead character & first favourite villainmany good memories.You probably ask:"After all this time?"& I reply:....."Always.” I just re-read & re-read HP Always from the beginning to the book recently had come out.

I love re-reading, because those stories never get old for me! I miss them very often; the characters, Hogwarts, magic, the optimism, the fun& the admiration of how Perfect this world is& how magnificent it is written.

I just feel like to re-read them once in a while,& I still ca n't read from the middle, I just want to experience it all over again, since the beginning, again going through all those character developments& events I perfectly know would happen.even though I know almost every sentences& events& I know how it ends! When I 'm in Harry Potter mode, I bring my wand, waving it just to have some magic.

sometimes my parents get on with it& it is actually a total fun.really nothing, no books, no movies, no shows can fill this place in my heart, a place beats only for Harry Potter& resurfaced occasionally.I loved with HarryI laughed with HarryI cried with HarryI felt like Harry ( about characters& situation) I was excited with HarryI was angry with Harry& I was scared with Harry■ 1st year, we got to know a whole new world with Harry, we received our letters, we went to

We met a wizard family, we flew to Hogwarts, we witnessed some horrors, ( view spoiler) [ we knew Harry was not behind the attacks ( hide spoiler) ].

At the beginnin, we face the Prisoner. ( view spoiler) [ /We rescued the Prisoner ( hide spoiler) ] ■ 4th year, what is more frustrating than a Quidditch world cup!?

We defended the world& we mastered the Hallows.top 3 places of my HP favourite books, in order:1) the Chamber of Secrets- the Order of the Phoenix2) the Goblet of Fire- the Philosopher 's Stone3) the Prisoner of Azkaban- the Deathly Hallows ( newly improved!)& my least fav is: the Half-Blood Princejust as how Not-Ordinary Harry was, I am an extraordinary fan too; the book many people did n't like is my top favourite& the one which is everyone 's favourite is my least favourite.there 's no hame in loving all-potterhead 's least favourite book, because it made the best times for me; the most excitements& feelz.

*put my hands in the air*regardless of the age; everyone can enjoy it.Now as I 'm thinking, I see the whole series is 2-parted; first part magical, cute& bright ( my favourite here is Chamber of Secrets)& second part, the world is arker, more complicated& they are growing older.

( my favourite here is Order of the Phoenix) you know what I say? more professional view: 🟇 A Whole New World of magic with wands, school setting, ghosts, potions, charms, Fantastic Beasts& Plants, secrets& everything a world/society need!: ▸ Hogwarts: the school of Witchcraft& Wizardry.

( which I happily would read them all; History of Magic to Hogwarts: A history, the Standard book of spells grade 1-7, Advanced Potion Making, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi or even all Gilderoy Lockhart 's books.) Backstory of Hogwarts.How wizard families lives.& the ministry of Magic.All created by Rowling, all aspects of a realistic world, of life.

I can go on forever ... the castle itself& the wizarding education; surely, we all want to eat in the Great Hall, explore this mysterious castle, walk in those spectacular corridors,, wander on the grounds,& learn all those interesting magical lessons.& by each book, the world expanded; in first book we knew the magical world& Hogwarts, in 2nd we saw a wizard family.

(& at that times, Harry Potter sage was n't even complete) Harry was always there, one of my imaginary friends who helped me a lot.Thank you Harry! Thank you Queen! 🟇 Well-written; every events explained wonderful, magnificent& every details of the locations& situations described very beautiful ( I could imagine them easily)& even magical at some points, brilliant& unique choices of the phrase, funny comments from characters ( Twins, Ron, Sassy Harry, Hermione 's sarcasms, Lee 's Quidditch commentating, Wood& more), amazing moments of Adrenaline rush.

it is believable, like real life.& Harry as the POV character thinks too, but his feelings are related to story not just his feelings, I always feel the same ay as he does, he doubts ( or if he thinks about his feeling about his crush, it is just beautiful& realistic.)& we can actually see if he was deep in thoughts, the tal was going on.

I love this writing style.full of iconic quotes, or inspirational ones, full of life lessons about responsibility, friendship& many other things.🟇 Chapters name were chosen Fantastic!

gave it

How to choose a single ook in the Harry Potter saga?

The Harry Potter ovels are truly special to me, since it was " return " to reading for me.

I 've been a reader all my life, but there were like a " hole " for a couple of days when I was n't reading anything and certainly it was n't something good since reading is really important to me and an essential part of myself.I had already watched four films of Harry Potter when finally I decided to read the ovels.

I ran to the book tore to buy it on the very day that it was out and I read it in like 3 days to avoid that somebody would spoil me something crutial or some news on papers and/or internet would spoil a key detail.

Truly magical experience where J.K. Rowling, the writer, was willing to merge such fantastic world with wizards, witches and other supernatura beings with the real experience of parents and kids when they are going to chool, needing to get school supplies, books, equipment, etc ...

And a ood thing is that I did n't need to wait years to know how to pronounce the name of Hermione!

Not only it has a truly well crafted mystery but also, you will amaze to realize how a lot of elements presented in the revious ooks are explained the reason of existing here in this trilogy and all is turning around of a haracter.

wesome book where the magical world just got bigger and better.

I felt the need of taking away a star just because to reflect the high leve of stress that I suffered while reading this memoir.

However things became so dark and awful at Hogwarts that I really got stressed each time that I was returning to the bestselling.

I do n't know, but I think that I was so stressed on the first book that that reading the ixth book was a truly joyful experience.

Really, I think that it can be the book in the saga that I enjoyed the most to read.

I suppose that endings are a sad moment, you have enoying so much reading the saga that knowing that finally you get to the losing of it, you did n't want to end.


gave it

In fact, the world Rowling creates in Harry Potter is so real that I often find myself- and this is scary to admit- believing I can do magic.

gave it

So here we go: I am a member of what I 'll call " the Harry Potter generation "- ie, I was a kid when these books first came out, and I 've literally grown up with the series.

My best friend in elementary school gave me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer 's Stone for my welfth birthday, and I was hooked immediately.

Writing reviews of the boo as I read them strikes me as a ointless and overly time-consuming job, so I decided to try something else.

( spoilers should be expected, obviously, but frankly if you have n't read these books by now you probably do n't care that much about someone ruining the ending) -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer 's Stone: Harry Potter skips off to wizard school, and hundreds of children read about this and are cruelly made aware of the soul-crushing mediocrity of the lameass real world they are forced to inhabit.

gave it

I had removed this review, which violates Article 2 of the Terms of Use: You agree not to post User Content that: ( i) may create a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to you, to any other person, or to any animal.Looking at the comment thread, it is abundantly clear that the review not only may, but indeed has caused emotional distress to several Potter fans.

You have been warned. ( view spoiler) [ I got into an argument the other day with an articulate 17 year old Harry Potter fan- let 's call him D- who wanted to know why I was being so nasty in my eview of Deathly Hallows.

The early Potter books are sex and amusin, and J.K. Rowling seems like a nice person- if someone 's going to scoop the literary Powerball jackpot, why not her?

About 10 month ago, it seems to me, some clever people figured out a new marketing strategy, which they first applied to Potter; when that came to an end, the same methods were used for Twilight.

I think it 's uncontroversial that Potter, in terms of literary quality, is worse than Twilight, but Twilight has been even more successful.

Even though Twilight may not be quite as ad as is sometimes made out- I 'm one of many people who have tried to defend it- there 's no way it deserves this level of attention.So why is everyone reading it, and why, before that, was everyone reading Potter?

I think it 's particularly important that a large amoun of the essay are sold, not at bookstores, but at normal supermarkets.

You look around you on a bus to see what people are reading, and you can be pretty sure you 'll see at least a couple of people over 20 engrossed in Potter or Twilight.

D, Madame Bovary is going to outlast both of these authors because Emma is a real person who experiences the crazy and contradictory emotions that real people experience when they are very unhappy, and as a result she behaves in a razy and contradictory way; also, Flaubert, unlike Rowling and Meyer, took a great deal of trouble over his prose, and created some of the most captivating and ironic passages in world literature.

Millions of billion of people are reading Potter and Twilight, not because the books are well-written or interesting, but because the readers have been manipulated into buying them by the Napoleons and Squealers of this world.

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