Here Lies the Librarian

Peewee idolizes Jake, a big brother whose dreams of auto mechanic glory are fueled by the hard road coming to link their Indiana town and futures with the twentieth century. And motoring down the road comes Irene Ridpath, a young librarian with plans to astonish them all and turn Peewee ’ s life upside down.This novel, with its quirky characters, folksy setting, classic cars, and hilariously larger-than-life moments, is vintage Richard Peck – an offbeat, deliciously wicked comedy that is also unexpectedly moving.
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Published April 20th 2006 by Dial Books
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Here Lies the Librarian
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gave it

( By the way, it 's officially official: Richard Peck is my new favorite author.) I loved the quirkiness and old-timey-ness of this one.

gave it

Paige and Peewee have a run-down country car garage that used to be a livery stable before the Model-T came roaring down the dirt roads of their little own.

When rene, the new librarian, comes motoring along in beautiful clothes and an astonishing hat, Jake and Peewee 's lives will never be the same.I fell in love with this book by the firs chapter.

I loved the plot, the classic 1910s setting, the kooky characters, the mysterious new librarian, and the hilarious antics of the laborer and rough-and-tumble country folk.

gave it

Even after the U of I disbanded in 1906, it was n't until 1925 that Butler College became Butler University.The library science talk also feels false- too many detail and too much jargon and name-dropping.

Also, there was certainly no such thing as a doctorat in library science until 1930 when the first such degree was awarded ( Univ.

As for any librarian training at Butler College, there seems to have been only the Indiana Summer School for Librarians ( between 1905 and 1920, at least).

However, this program was not affiliated with the summer school at Butler College until 1915 ( previously it was located at Winona Lake, Indiana).

gave it

I got to know the author Richard Peck from A long way from Chicago and A year down yonder and The teacher 's funeral.

And along the ay, her plans turn Peewee 's life upside down ....

gave it

Librarians love Richard Peck.

The mont is 1914 and the tal is told from the point of view of Peewee whose older brother Jake runs a garage and harbors ambitions of building his own car.When the three lovely librarians enter, there is romance in the ir.

gave it

When a twister touches down in a mall Illinoi town in 1914, it sets off a strange chain of events.Though the old library building stood abandoned, the storm broke out the ront window.

THE NEW TESTIMENTNevertheless, four Library Science students from Butler University want to give the enterprise a whirl.

it 's mostly about Peewee and Jake, two budding auto mechanics, and their ttempts to build a car to race in the first-ever Hendrick 's County Fair ten-mile dirt track event.

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