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Published April 13th 2016 by Self Published on MSPaintAdventures
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gave it

After spending roughly about two years listening to friends talk incessantly in mysterious lingo about strangely named characters and places, and having had the remise of Homestuck explained to me more times than I can recount, I ended up being rather thoroughly " spoiled, " so to speak, on many broad terms.

In short, while I did not for a shor time have any desire to read it, I developed a basic, and purely academic understanding and appreciation for this mysterious webcomic.

Webcomics have always been of interest to me, ever since reading Scott McCloud 's lesser known book Reinventing Comics, which, amongst many other way, hypothesizes on the influence that the Internet, with all its possibilities for new formats and media, might have on future storytellers.

I knew many facts about Homestuck before I started reading it, and thought that would be enough to appreciate its formal contributions to the Internet Age of storytelling.But to concentrate merely on the format of a superher is to miss out on another supremely important thing: the story.

But unlike some experimental work that eschew story and character development for the sake of merely exploring interesting structure, Homestuck has a lot of heart.

People 's tastes vary greatly, and some may begrudge its massive religious following, but if you ask me, any work as, witty, creative, emotionally complex, and lovingly crafted as Homestuck, which by the way has been made available to the general public for absolutely no charge, deserves the deluge of the attention and kudos that it already has.

gave it

A surprisingly slow start, though essential for set up- countless rules of the world and the game are introduced.-Act 2: 511 pages, read in 3 years, spread between 11-14-14 and 11-30-14.

We meet Dave Strider, the third Beta kid, who tries to steal his bro 's copy of Sburb so that he can save Rose from a meteor epidemic sparked by John entering the game.

Rose enters the game world, or " session ", like John.-Intermission 1: 204 pages, read in 3 years, 12-17-14 to 12-19-14.

Dave enters the session, and the Betas all work to help Jade do the same, as they 've discovered that the beginnin of world has come and with the game.-Act 5 Act 1: 636 pages, read in 4 days, 1-7-15 to 1-10-15.

It is a session from the very world they created that throws a wrench in their victory, forcing them to try and fix things.-Act 5 Act 2: 1483 pages, read in 8 days, 1-10-15 to 1-17-15.

The trolls and Beta Kids work together, trying ( and failing) to prevent the creation of the ruthles and nearly unbeatable villain Jack Noir, who was ble to enter the Trolls' completed session and wreak havoc.

An omniscient figure called Doc Scratch eventually enacted a reset of the game intended to erase the Beta Kids from existence and replace them with a new set of characters.

The groups plan to meet up in the session that will be created by the Alpha Kids- in three long, long years.-Act 6 Act 2: 247 pages, read in 2 days, 1-18-15 to 1-19-15.

They have all already seen Derse and Prospit, moving quicker than the Betas did.-Intermission 4: 153 pages, read in 1 day, 1-19-15.

All of the Alphas besides Jake are killed, though not unconditionally ... -Intermission 5: 175 pages, read in 4 days, 1-28-15 to 1-31-15.

The Alphas have entered the session, those who died living on cleanly due to their dream selves.-Intermission 6: 72 pages, read in 2 days, 1-31-15 to 2-1-15.

Dream bubbles, abusive relationshi, and drinking problems are observed- meanwhile, Caliborn navigates his dead session.-Act 6 Act 6 Act 1: 36 pages, read in 1 day, 2-20-15.

Bored, Caliborn begins his retelling of the story thus far.-Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1: 196 pages, read in 2 days, 2-20-15 to 2-21-15.

John tumbles randomly around space due to something that happened in a dream bubbles with power hungry Aranea.-Act 6 Act 6 Act 2: 56 pages, read in 1 day, 2-21-15.

Caliborn 's crappy retelling continues, this time with randomly teleporting John dropping in.-Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2: 322 pages, read in 1 day, 2-21-15.

By the end, Aranea has brought herself back to life and screwed things up endlessly; Gamzee is beating the shi out of Terezi; Rose, Karkat and Kanaya are going to hurt Gamzee; Jack Noir is prepared to kill Dave over the now dead body of Jade; and HIC has arrived to wreak hell upon all.-Act 6 Act 6 Act 3: 48.5 pages, read in 1 day, 2-21-15.

The ffects of the situations we were left off on are deadly- all of the haracters but Caliborn, Jack Noir, PM, John, Roxy, Dirk and HIC have been seen dead.-Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3: 19.5, read in day, 2-21-15.

Caliborn tries ( and fails) to gain our sympathy.-Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4: 465 pages, read in 2 days, 2-21-15 to 2-22-15.

As the story prepares to reach its finale, he talks about many events to come in the future, before disappearing into the time loop that leads to him becoming the villain Lord English.-Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5: 635 pages, read as updated The major caus of John 's changes, among ther hings, is that Vriska 's death was altered.

gave it

Even though you may have your life ruined by homestuck, you wont regret your decision to read it.

gave it

i just love me some good old-fashioned homestuckEDIT: just reread it, two month after i read it for the fifth time ( and two years after it ended) and wow:) i know its the wee of our lord 2018 but i love homestuck so much

gave it

After being " pestered " ( haha, get it fellow Homestucks?) by some friends to start reading Homestuck, I finally got around to it, and two tries later, I 'm caught up with the latest update 11/19/14.

I am so thankful that they wanted me to read this and I 'm so sorry that I stuck with it.

While the first and second acts are quite dry and seem to move at a nails pace at times, things pick up and then in a blink of an eye you are stuck in a fictional world and are attached to these kids.

No, Homestuck is not for everybod, I never said it was, but if you can try it, it might be one of the best hings you read.

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