Hot Blooded

A prostitute lies strangled in a seedy hotel room in New Orleans' French Quarter. Miles away, on the hores of Lake Ponchartrain, late-night radio host Dr. Samantha Leeds receives a threatening phone call. Who would think to link the two? Detective Rick Bentz is charged with the task of connecting the events.
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Published October 28th 2014 by Kensington (first published January 1st 2001
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Hot Blooded
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gave it

The plot and toryline was fast paced, un, and hrilling.

I had stated before that I was iffy on reading Lisa Jackson because that one book but these past 2 and the tie in from Without Mercy, have shown me that this lady has the secre to a great writing!! This is so not a hort tory that leaves you with more questions then answers.

gave it

I definitely wanted to read the first ook in this series

gave it

Probably the character I liked most was Detective Bentz.What I really disliked was whenever the book would switch to the urderer 's viewpoint.

My one likable character Detective Bentz makes a reappearance in Cold Blooded, and I would like to give author Lisa Jackson another try or two.

gave it

Brenda Jackson does a great job of spinning a mystery that keeps you guessing ...

enough characters to throw several red herrings into the mix and twists so that you ca n't really guess the whole story ...

I have had many of Lisa Jackson 's books on my bookshelf for a while now ...

I guess other books/authors looked like better reads at the time.

gave it

There are just some things that are a part of the mystery aspect that just do n't make sense once I reached the nd of the book.The romance plot was okay.

I was mostly put off by the romance aspect because of the ystery plot.

I was distressed by John 's chapters, so my brain was just not computing the romance.The title of this book sounds like it 's a romantic hriller, but do n't let the title fool you.

I was just put off by the omance in combination with the suspens plot, and I wish the characters were better developed.

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