I Hate Reading

Winners of Library Media Connection Editors' Choice Award.

A laugh-out-loud funny book for beginning to intermediate reluctant readers.

Two brothers who hate to read offer hilarious tips on how to get out of their daily reading requirement. Their outrageous plans involve shoestrings, bathroom breaks, and man-eating animals. Guaranteed to get kids giggling as they learn how to read. Kids from level one beginner readers to intermediate high-low readers will laugh out loud as they discover they, too, can read on their own.
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Published January 10th 2013 by Pixel Titles (first published July 28th 2007
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I Hate Reading: How to Get Through 20 Minutes of Reading a Day Without Really Reading
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gave it

The best thing about this book is that it gets you so interested in the witty stuff, that you do n't realize you just read this hole ook.

gave it

Since I 'm trying to educate for the future, maybe my students will remember this when they become parents themselves ... to be fearfu of 'eyes on book, butt on chair.'

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