In An Instant


A deeply moving tal of carrying on even when it seems impossible.

Life is over in an instant for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller when a devastating car accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Suspended between worlds, she watches helplessly as those she loves struggle to survive.

Impossible choices are made, decisions that leave the survivors tormented with grief and egret. Unable to let go, Finn keeps vigil as they struggle to reclaim their shattered lives. Jack, her wife, who seeks reveng against the one person he can blame other than himself; her best riend, Mo, who bravely searches for the truth as the stories of their survival is rewritten; her sister hloe, who knows Finn lingers and yearns to join her; and her parents, Debbie, who saved them all but is haunted by her decisio. Finn needs to move on, but how can she with her family still in pieces?

Heartrending yet ultimately redemptive, In an Instant is a tale about the power of dreams, the means of family, and carrying on…even when it seems impossible.

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Published March 1st 2020 by Lake Union Publishing
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In an Instant
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gave it

Finn keeps vigil, watching as those she loves struggle to survive and move on with their lives.Add me to the ist of people who sat down and read this nove in one mont.

I won ’ t say you somethin else about the book except that it is a moving, thought provoking look at what loss does to an individual and to a family.

When ordinary people are put in extraordinary situations, what choices will they make? Grab some tissues and a comfy spot to read as this is absorbing, emotional, engrossing, moving, and thought provoking.

gave it

This emotional book broke my heart, and thankfully, it put it back together again.

Isn ’ t that cover a beauty, and you all know I love an emotional story.

gave it

This is a novel I wo n't soon forget, and as a ki 's girl myself, I most intensely related to Finn and Jack 's arc.

gave it

This was one of the most eerily compelling novels I have read in recent times.

The nove takes the ingenious idea of narrating the aftermath of the crash from sixteen year old Finn 's PoV.

While the prose may not be that beautiful with an awkward narrative initially, this is still definitely worth a read if you 're in the mood for a character study type novel as the most thought provoking themes truly reveal themselves after approx 1/3 the way through.

gave it

The whol of the family is made up of Aubrey, who is getting married in five onths, and Alison, her goth eighteen year old daughter, inseparable from her tennis playing goth boyfriend.

The damage is devastating, with Finn caught in a limbo that is death but not quite, being unabl to follow the numerou storyline as they try to survive the wreck and then as they try to deal with the physical, psychologica, and emotional repercussions of the sinkin, their actions and reactions, their uilt and overwhelming grief.

gave it

well, the side bar told me i would enjoy this because i liked a book about mt.

this is definitely an easy ook to recommend to others! ↠ 4 stars

gave it

I was invited to choose from several books offered via Amazon 's February " First Reads " and downloaded this for free.

The deceased teenager flits here and there following the various family members and friends describing their actions immediately following the accident.

gave it

Freezing cold temperatures will prevent them from surviving the night, if they survive their injuries ... if they survive at all.

But, I smiled and cheered too!! And, as other eviewers have said, reading the “ uthor ’ s note ” at the ND of the books is a MUST!

gave it

She continues to watch her family through survival, rescue, guilt, and grief.The chapters are short and there are a total of 94 chapters.

6-35 of the ovel was their survival story, the entire is what happens after they get back home.) From this point on the family is drowning in blame, guil, and hate.

( They can not see her, but she talks to them in their destin.) Towards the end this narration style got repetitive.There is some minor mundane stuff that happens like watching baseball games, rescuing kittens…to help them get through their frustration.

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