Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

Collects Hulk: Planet Hulk ( 2006)# 1-14. Savage alien planet. Oppressed barbarian tribes. Corrupt emperor. Deadly woman warrior. Gladiators and slaves. Battle axes and hand blasters. Monsters and heroes…and the Incredible Hulk!
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Published April 16th 2008 by Marvel (first published June 13th 2007
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Hulk: Planet Hulk
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gave it

The Illuminati banished Hulk to a remote alien planet called Sakaar far away from Earth where he would no longer have to worry about hurting anyone or being hurt back.

But these aliens have never come across anyone quite like Hulk before… Billed as the quintessential Hulk storyline, Planet Hulk is actually a disappointing yawner.

Greg Pak basically rewrote Spartacus with Hulk as the lead except it ’ s still not a very amusing tory.

gave it

I was also disappointed that I actually liked the romance in the books, because it was generally understated and because I could totally get the mutual attraction between Hulk and his future wife.

gave it

It 's easier to talk about the adventure without giving too many elements best left revealed and explored by the eader.

To reveal more would truly spoil the surprise, the PLANET HULK is full of them.

gave it

But I had to remind myself that I had promised to read this thing every time I opened it back up.

It took me forever to work up any sympathy for Hulk, and even longer for me to get into the story enough to sit down and read it for les than a few hour at a time.

I ca n't say it was amazin, but I will say that ( at some point), I think I 'd like to read the ext part of Hulk 's story in World War Hulk.

gave it

I admit, I read this saga after watched " Thor: Ragnarok " Movie.

gave it

The group known, in the Comics Universe, as The Illuminati: Mr. Fantastic ( Reed Richards), Iron Man ( Tony Stark), Namor, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt, decided that The Hulk was a menace too dangerous and when he accepted a SHIELD operation in space orbit, they took the chanc and trap him in a special space shuttle ( designed by Reed Richards) and exile him to a remote planet where he would be the only sentient living being, so he wouldn ’ t be hurt and he wouldn ’ t hurt anybody else.Something very wrong happened.Since Hulk ’ s ship got trapped into an unknown wormhole and he landed into a far far remote planet, fully populated with sentient living beings.However, another thing very wrong happened too.The Hulk soon realized that the trip through the wormhole weakened him somehow and now his skin can be penetrated, and therefore he is made a slave of the current controlling empire of that world: Sakaar.

All in the same “ boat ”: To survive, to get their freedom……and making pay to the Red King for all their suffering and humiliation.Flash Gordon meets Spartacus meets Conan.It ’ s not hard to get the general picture of the story.The really tricky part is to recognize the real monsters from the others.

Greg Pak, the playwrigh, not only penned the ultimate Hulk ’ s fables, but also he created a wonderful world of science fiction, full of different races, where each of those races have distintive appearances, social/religious/politic backgrounds, and unique ind of interactio between each other.A world full of mindblowing locations where they play their part into the story.The mysterious wormhole have trapped for eons all kind of animal, and now Sakaar is a risk place in the same way that… …marvelous.Make no mistake, not matter if you ’ re a fan of The Incredible HulkBut beware since fate is a bitch with monsters where they hardly find a happy ending.And may the real tragedy for them if they are really monsters…

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