Into the Wild

For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. But the ThunderClan cats are in grave anger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying -- and some deaths are more mysterious than others. In the aftermat of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty... who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.
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Published January 6th 2004 by HarperTrophy (first published January 9th 2003
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Into the Wild
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gave it

Welcome to the ORIGINAL ThunderClan, where online AND kindle GoodRead users can role play! UPDATES:- Let us all congratulate Fernmist, our newest member, for birthing three beautiful kits: Rosekit, Creamkit, and Nightkit!- Welcome, Sparrowtail ( cinnamon cookiez)!- We need mentors for Spikepaw and Starpaw! The noble cats of ThunderClan: Leader: RavenstarDeputies ( aka The Trifecta): Silverstorm ( apprentice: Featherpaw) Stormsong ( sagestar) ( apprentice: Rosepaw) Firefall ( Thomas) ( apprentice: Lightningpaw) Medicine Cat: Nightpelt ( Maymuna) RETIRED: IcestormWarriors: Flowerclaw ( apprentice: Blackpaw) FalconclawSoftleapWillowleaf ( Trixi) ( apprentice: Whisperpaw) TigerlilyFireheartDarkmoonWaterflameSnowstripe ( Lindsy) ( apprentice: Hopepaw) MoonwhispererGoldenstorm ( Adithya) Spottedfire ( Strawbery Rose Gallagher) EmeraldstripeMoonfeatherMorningdawnSilverstoneRedclaw ( Aidan) Skyheart ( skysar) SparkytailWillowfall ( Briana) MoonfeatherFoxfur ( Aimee Bachman) Flameheart ( Katlove92) Leafdapple ( Florence) ( apprentice: Goldpaw) IceslashAmberleafRedclaw ( Sagestar) Stormsong ( sagestar) Cherryleaf ( Yellowfang2005) Icepelt ( ~LeafTheRainWing~) Nightclaw ( lynx) SnowstripeStormstream ( apprentice: Darkpaw) Silverbow ( aaron) Scarletsong ( FAIREST) Icysplash ( Chloe) ( apprentice: Waterpaw) Darkclaw ( Mohsin) Dawnflower ( Chloe) Ashebird ( Logan) Stormberry ( Leøpard) Silverclaw ( Assassin Ardhra Frost) Sparrowtail ( cinnamon cookiez) ( apprentice: Streampaw) Apprentices: Birchpaw ( Ashly Ketchum) Rosepaw Whisperpaw ( Alayna) Darkpaw ( kaufmask) Spikepaw Featherpaw Waterpaw Hopepaw Starpaw ( LDSHADOWLADY) LightningpawGoldpaw ( Satta) Streampaw ( jynx) Queens: FernmistKits: Amberkit ( Maria) Craftkit ( BLCRAFT) RosekitCreamkitNightkitElders: NONE

gave it

I live with nice humans so I do n't know what this is like.Mama says I should read Watership Down because the human author did a nice job of making a story about animals that sound real, kind of like this book does, but that story is about bunnies and who cares about bunnies anyway?

gave it

It really does n't sound that great, but you should just try, you will be suprised.

gave it

I 'm not going to stop hating this book if you tell me " I 'm wrong. " In fact, if nything, your words only make me feel nauseas when I think of this piece of garbage.And that 's my final word.

I wo n't be replying to any comment in here, I do n't care why you love this ( write your own review for that) and I wo n't read the est of this series.______________________Original review:

The last hing you need to know about me is that I hate cats.

I just ca n't stand them.The second thing you need to know is that I hate stories about talking animals.

Really, I get so exasperated and furious I fear my heart will stop working.Those previous points led me to think I was not going to like this nove, but I decided to try anyway because I 've had pleasant surprises, for instance, The Monstrumologist.

or like gasping and talking at the same time.

I did n't know who that was, and there comes some cat telling everyone Redtail 's dead.

I mean, wtf, who the hell is Redtail? And I 'm not only talking about his death.

Well, Hunter, BIG FAIL HERE BECAUSE I COULD N'T CARE ANY LESS.Anyway, I 'm confiden I bashing a book most people love, but maybe this did n't work for me because it simply was ridiculous not a book targetted to my age.

If you 're a fan of talking animals and you love stupid stories about pointless " warriors " cats, then this might be just for you.

gave it

Warriors, Into the Wild is Book 1 of 6 ( SIX!!) in the seventh of like -- -- a zillion series.

My 10 yr old daughter is in love with these books -- -she can devour one a day ( and the pat that they are churned out ....) She is so into these that she asked my husband and I to give them a shot.

gave it

These ooks are written terribly but they 've actually got pretty developed characters and they basically made me fall in love with reading in third grade or whatever?

Yeah, the plot is a little creep and far-fetched, and the writing is pretty terrible now that I 've grown up enough to see it, but this series is definitely good for someon who likes middle grade fantas.

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