Irakisk Kristus

Hassan Blasim är författaren som revolutionerat den arabiska litteraturen- från Finland. 2014 fick han sitt internationella genombrott, då The Independent utnämnde Irakisk Kristus till årets bästa översatta bok. Boken rankades dessutom som " Book of the ear " i Publisher 's Weekly.

Berättelserna i Irakisk Kristus skildrar det infernaliska tillståndet i dagens Irak, och för tankarna till magisk realism, till Kafka och Borges, men också till den arabiska sagotraditionen.
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Published August 28th 2015 by Albert Bonniers Förlag (first published February 28th 2013
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Al Masih al-iraqi
Isbn 13
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gave it

Everyone staying at the refugee reception centre has two stories – the real one and the one for the record.

The tories for the record are the ones the new refugees tell to obtain the right to humanitarian asylum, written down in the immigration department and preserved in their private files.

In Blasim 's stories, people compete on radio over who suffered the most during their time in Saddam 's prisons; soldiers stumble into holes in the ground occupied by dead soldiers from other wars in other countries; immigrants find themselves trapped in their own roo in the middle of a big peaceful city while a wolf paces outside; refugees try to explain to immigration officers how they ended up starring in Youtube videos for dozens of different terrorist groups, alternately as terrorist and kidnap victim; etc etc etc.

Life and death was a game of running, climbing and jumping, of watching, of secret dirty words, of sleep and nightmares.Iraq has been one of the most reported-on countries in the world over the last 30 years.

Quick, name three Iraqi works of fiction that 's not A Thousand And One Nights; hell, name three Iraqis known for anything un-war-related at all.

Blasim gives voice to both suicide bombers and authors, thugs and lovers, football players and dogs, crossword makers and grieving mothers, all complex characters with their own tories, who fuck and drink and work and weep and kill and live and die and are all just as real as any angsting Franzen character.

gave it

Rating: 3* of fiveThe Publisher Says: A soldier with the willingness to predict the future finds himself blackmailed by an insurgent into the ultimate act of terror…A deviser of crosswords survives a car-bomb attack, only to discover he is now haunted by one of its victims…Fleeing a robbery, a Baghdad shopkeeper falls into a deep hole, at the bottom of which sits a djinni and the corpse of a soldier from a completely different war…From legends of the desert to horrors of the forest, Blasim ’ s stories blend the fantastic with the everyday, the surreal with the all-too-real.

I dunno 'bout that one for sure, but ost of me says " not a damn chance. " Anyway, to the trenches: " The Balla of the oats " is a modest story about a an whose family is completely insane, not least of all his good self.On more than one occasion I heard how life apparently advances, moves on, sets sail or, at worst, apparently crawls slowly forward.

I had this great passion for studying and writing, which they explained in my household with the stories of the umbilical cord.

4 stars " The Iraqi Christ " is the title story, and resembles a sort of " Appointment in Samarra " narrated by the victim ... Daniel the Christian saves his compatriots with his premonitions, until one day he does n't, and for no reason I can figure out.

The protagonis has a familiar personality: The pleasure I found in reading books was disconcerting ... I felt ambivalen about every new piece of information.

I read and read and felt dizzy with the topi, as if I had eaten a psychotropic fruit.Do n't we all know someone a bit like that?

4 stars " A Wolf " is the maundering, drunken bar story of an immigrant man trying to make a sodden kind of ense of a world he does n't begin to understand ... .I believe in dreams more than I believe in God. Dreams get into you and leave, then come back with new fruit, but God is just a vast desert.Out of the mout of drunks ...

3.5 stars " The Dung Beetle ", or as I like to call it, " The Origins of an Iraqi Man as a Publicis in a Freakin' Cold Climate That Makes His Desert-Born Brain Go Doolally. " 2.5 stars " A Thousand and One Knives " just frankly could n't keep my interest, and it seemed to be about some guy who had some stuff happen to him and porno pics with torture figured into it somehow and then there 's a baby who materializes knives ... I dunno, whatever, just MAKE IT STOP! Fortunately, this was the only story.

gave it

I have no concep of how material like this is *really* regarded by most people in the Arab world, aside from the obvious views of fundamentalists.

There 's so very much happening here, a rush of images and events, different things several times a page sometimes, also off-kilter metafictional uses of author-as-character.

These are mostly stories of young-ish men: some mobile between countries, armed at various points, whether for crime, war or self-defence- and in their youth they get into the kind of lascivious scrapes that I thought characteristic of their well-off counterparts in mid-twentieth century European literature: reading illicit literature like Rimbaud, visiting prostitutes, trying to talk to beautiful inaccessible girls ( described like that, it reminds me of Fellini films).

This article mentions Arab writers' growing up reading European authors, and that the South American writers who popularised “ magic realism ” were influenced by Arab tradition .Blasim now lives in Finland- such an interesting ombination of cultures ( I daresay such a comment sounds pretty annoying to people from these places.)- and a ew of the novels are set there, not always flattering about the place.I really want to re-read this collection: it 's very rich and there must be all kind of detail to pick up on a econd read- and it 's only 140 pages- but I 've promised it to a friend so notes on the stories will have to suffice for now.

ost of the tory then concentrates on a gir and his experienc of his family and of being a fugitive – so much more lively and bizarre and disgusting than that sounds.

An Iraqi man living in an unspecified western country comes home from a night out and finds a wolf living in his flat.

Partly reminiscent of Kafka in the ay it 's not an entirely convincing narrative by an animal as we 've grown used to them being done, sometimes it could be as if he 's forgotten he 's a dog not a person.

( I had various gripes with some of the novels in a Kafka collection, here.) Perhaps a metaphor for refugees, but the tory, this ook, is too bloody weird to have any straightforward meaning, proper art- under that interpretation 'Dear Beto' would provide rather threatening views of both sides.

If the underlying theme of the collection is “ trauma and the curious strategies human beings adopt to process it ”, as stated on the back cover then yes, it fits, just not with the most palatable views.The Killers and the Compass.

gave it

To few of them close a short-story circle.

gave it

The lon story collection The Iraqi Christ, translated by Jonathan Wright from Hassan Blasim 's original, won the 2014 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, forerunner of the relaunched Man Booker International.

Through innovative commissions, collaborations and digital initiatives, we will explore the power of the lon story to transcend cultural and disciplinary boundaries, and to enable greater understanding across these boundaries.and The Iraqi Christ certainly fulfils that aim, providing a violent and dark depiction of society, mainly but not entirely centered on post-invasion Iraq, one that successfully manages to combine fabulism with the ruthless and bloody reality of daily life under the insurgency and civil war.

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