Is This "One of Those Days," Daddy?

Lynn Johnston has been bringing life to the Patterson clan for over 25 years, and for readers around the world, life just would n't seem right without her daily dispatch. Is This " One of Those Years, " Daddy? gives readers more of what they 've come to expect from Johnston 's beloved cartoon: a kind of connection, a shared intimacy with a family as familiar as their own, and a front-row seat to the enduring, endearing comic saga called life.
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Published January 1st 1982 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Is This One Of Those Days
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gave it

I could picture Chantale reading this collection and picking up Kyle for a hug, kiss, and snuggle every couple of pages just based on that :0 I love this strip for the reason that it 's uch a real reflection of the world we ( parents) find ourselves in.

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