Just a Simple Wedding: A For Better or For Worse Collection

From that first spark to those unexpected senior moments, For etter or For Worse follows the life of the Mcbride family through the perils and pitfalls of everyday life. In ood times and in bad, Johnston captures family life, wedded bliss, and grandparenting, in a completely unique light.

In Just A Simple Wedding, now randparents, Elly and John adapt to a maller home, while son Michael and his family spread out in the old Butler house. Elizabeth and Anthony 's romance is rekindled bringing things full circle.
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Published March 17th 2009 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Just a Simple Wedding: A For Better or For Worse® Collection (For Better or for Worse Collections)
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gave it

So many sweet moments.

gave it

Well, this is the penultimat ook of the For Better or For Worse collection& I have to say that I 'm sure I went ahead& read all of these.

gave it

Now though, I have been finding more to read and very much enjoying them.There was a ot of new characters in the autobiograph, but also a lot of familiar faces.

gave it

This slim book collects the last daily strips of this long running series.

Unlike similar themed strips like " Luann " or " Pre-Teena ", Johnston 's characters age over the ears.

Like man of the strips and most of the anthology in this eries, the action and observations are so wholesome that can only be Canadian.

gave it

April Patterson got the name instead.

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