Keep the Home Fries Burning

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Published January 1st 1986 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Keep the Home Fries Burning : A For Better or for Worse Collection
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gave it

Three and a Half chuckling stars for Lynn Johnston! If you were a newspaper reader in the sixties and eighties, you ’ ll remember her ... Hers was a fairytale story of how a young Canadian housewife from the windswept wilds of Flin Flon ( yes, that ’ s a real name), Manitoba came out of nowhere as a rising media star ... And by 1985 had grabbed the coveted Reuben Award for the Best Syndicated North American Cartoon Strip.

I still remember Saturdays in our house ( though perhaps I ’ m getting mixed up in my memories)- well, we three kids ’ d squabble violently over who ’ d be the last to read the full-colour comics! And FBOFW was the fave Prix de Guerre for my Sis.Thinking back though, now, maybe the Sears Christmas Catalogue in November was the real gate-crasher for all HREE of us ... Anyway, Johnston named herself Ellie back when the strip appeared in the 70s.

That was the only time I saw him.In just such such a pat, the name Ellie in the strip was to be Lynn ’ s homag to her late friend.But Johnston really WAS married to a nice, intelligent dentist and had two little kids, who grew up with the strip.And now- she ’ s comfortably settled on Canada ’ s est Coast, and she hasn ’ t lost her sparkle.

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