Last Girl Standing

The best of friends...
In the Portland suburb of West Knoll, Delta and her frien were the pretty, popular elite of the high school. That was eighteen years and a whole lifetime ago. Even then, backstabbing and betrayal erupted among the women in the roup, a rio of which are now gathered around a hospital bed. And man of it revolved around the man lying close to death before them...

Until the day...
To Delta, it feels as if a nightmare unfolds every time they get together. It started at their senior year graduation party when a group of daredevils led by Tanner slipped under the safety rope and tumbled into the dangerous, fast-flowing river. One of their clique died following his lead. It all seemed spontaneous at the time. A thoughtless deed. But since then, there have been more deaths, more " accidents. " And the question hovers, unspoken: who 's next?

They die...
As the ody count rises, Detective Chris McCrae, one of Delta 's classmates and a long ago friend of Rile 's, realizes that stopping the terror means digging deep into the past. Hidden beneath the conflicting stories, gossip, and scandalous half-truths are secrets that someone will kill again and again to protect -- until there is no one left to tell...
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Expected publication: May 26th 2020 by Zebra
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Last Girl Standing
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gave it

A decades old tragedy comes back to haunt a group of high schoolers that leads to more deaths and mystery.

gave it

Way too much of a coincidence.The first third of the ook describes teen girls in hormonal lust for a guy, Cooper.

I did not know who the iller was until the end and I prefer books that way.

gave it

I just found it odd that I just read two books back to back with high school riends that were being killed off.

gave it

I have loved all of Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush books, and Last Girl Standing, did not disappoint.

gave it

I have to start off by saying I typically like Lisa Jackson 's books, however I felt this was n't on par with her average book.

The novel starts with a group of high school girls that forms a clique called the First Fives.

gave it

this novel starts out with 5 main girls in high school.

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